Monday, November 30, 2015

Semana 40

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving! Mine went pretty well despite all the food! We had a super fun turkey bowl flag football tournament with two of the zones here in the McAllen area early in the morning and later that day I actually got off easy with my companion with only three meal appointments. A big tender mercy for me as my stomach was not feeling well at all. It was still too much for me to handle as the generous Mexican ladies down here expect you to eat a ton (rule of thumb is two+ plates) or some of them get offended. It was super different compared to home as the food was very Tex-Mex.  They had the traditional Turkey and potatoes, but also a Mexican pasta salad and tacos. All very good, but strange for me haha.

Things have been super crazy busy here as usual since we are always running around to help out the zone leaders because one of them is gone half of the time as he also is an assistant to the president. It's been crazy but a lot of fun to get to know our zone leader Elder Ivey better. We actually had some fun with him on Thanksgiving going around singing for the members while he played the guitar. He is really good.  The Lord has definitely been blessing us with all the hard work as we have seen a lot of miracle people wanting to be baptized that missionaries in the past had worked super hard with and had no luck. 

So craziest thing that happened this week is one of our members passed out right behind us in the middle of sacrament meeting and hit his head on the back of the pews we were sitting on. It was pretty scary and the members were pretty shaken up. Someone hurried and called an ambulance and took him to a hospital. Luckily he is doing well, but we found out later that he has previously had three minor heart attacks which is kind of scary. It was super crazy to have paramedics come into the middle of sacrament though haha. This story pretty much topped off and explains how crazy the rest of the week went. Sorry I don't have more to write it was honestly just a blur of running around.

I hope that all is going well for everyone and that you all know how extremely thankful for you I am. It was honestly kind of tough being away from everyone I love so much during Thanksgiving, but I am here with the new people that I love. I hope that I can make it up to you all more when I return home and that we will be able to continue to make great memories.

Love y'all and stay classy,

Elder Sheehy


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