Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 41

No general email this week :(    Here's his letter to me...

Hey mom,

Sounds like you had a very fun vacation. (New Zealand) I would love to for sure visit with you guys someday. We should also check out the south island as it is less populated and more country/wilderness.

That's cool to hear that you got a day in Hawaii too! Wow you're spoiled ;P haha. I bet Uncle Clays and  Ted's was delicious. Would you say that you like Hawaii or New Zealand more?

Definitely check out the First Presidency Christmas devotional. I thought it was terrific and was really what I needed.

That's super cool to hear that Em had gotten so into Christmas this year! She is awesome.

Yeah it's crazy that transfers are coming up already. I will let you know next week if we get them early. Also I am doing well on coats and jackets. It has been chilly, but I have been comfortable in just my shirt still.

Stay warm and know that I love you guys so much!


Elder Sheehy

(P.S I don't think I will have time for a mass email this week. Please just tell the grandmas thank you so much for the letters and Grandma L for the giftcard)

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