Monday, September 28, 2015

Semana 31

Well, not much time at all to type a good email out , but just wanted to report that I am still in Rio Bravo with Elder Chacin! I am way excited to spend another with him! He is a great missionary and has really become one of my very good friends. I am learning so much and am having a blast seeing Laredo grow!

Not much to say about this week unfortunately. Kind of the same old same old, but it's all very good!

One super cool experience we had this past week was contacting a home where a son there is special needs. He can only make sounds and can't speak very much at all, but his actions and experience we had with him spoke much louder than any words every could. After greeting him and asking him if anyone else was there, he went to go and grab a parent which happened to be very catholic and didn't want anything to do with us. It was amazing though because the son knew exactly who we were and why we were there. He got way happy and his face lit up when we testified, and I know without a doubt that he knows what we were saying was true. His mother rejected us still though and you could see the frustration he had when she turned us away. I know that our Father in Heaven sent him there to help that family, and hopefully someday through his good influence the rest of his family will accept the true gospel. This experience was just such a great testimony to me of the truthfulness of this church and how loving and just our father in heaven is. I know without a doubt that people like him are truly heirs of the celestial kingdom and that they are only here to gain a body and help the rest of us out to return home to the God who gave us life.

That's all for now. Love y'all so much and hope everyone is enjoying their fall. I can't wait to hear the prophet and apostles here at general conference. I know that their words are the most beneficial for us at this time and if followed we will be strengthened tremendously.

Stay classy,

Elder Sheehy

Monday, September 21, 2015

Semana 30

Hey Everyone!

Well, transfers are coming up tomorrow and I will find out tonight where I will be for the next six weeks. Hard to say what's going on, but it will be a blast wherever I go. I feel like Elder Chacin might be splitting which will be tough, but it will be cool to get to know some other elders here.

As always, thank you so much to Grandma Jeri for the letters. They must have gotten backed up because I got three this week which was super cool. Also Grandma Jeri that's cool that president Call at the Mexico MTC is your former stake president. I was around him quite a bit there. He was a really cool guy. Also thanks so much to Aunt Bertha for the letter as well. I really appreciate the time you take to write me.

So, I don't have a ton of things to write about this week because it's just been kind of the end of transfer craziness, but on Tuesday we had another zone conference with President Maluenda. I enjoy every time I get to hear him speak. He is an incredible guy that has an amazing gospel knowledge and testimony. You can really tell how much he and his wife care for us missionaries as well. It's great to know that I can always turn to him and he will drop anything to help, if it ever was necessary. 

On Friday Elder Chacin and I enjoyed a little fiesta birthday party of one of the recent convert's son in our area. They are a super cool family with Brother Deleon who is an ex-army Iraq veteran, a die hard 49ers fan and the whole family is way into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So it was a ninja turtles themed party with delicious mexican food and spanish music. It's cool getting to know and love the culture here more. It is definitely a Mexico/America mix which is really cool.

Yesterday a couple of the sister missionaries in our district baptized which was way cool to see because we have been so involved with helping them. They have been working super hard and they definitely deserved to enjoy that incredible gift of baptism with their new convert.

That's all for now. Have a wonderful week everyone! I will let you all know how transfers went.


Elder Sheehy

Bye bye Elder Eskelson :(

Zone shirts we made. I am in the upper right corner

Primary kids dressed of for Mexican Independence Day at the branch party

Guard goat in the middle of inner city Laredo. Only would you see this here, ha ha

La Cucaracha. I'm so glad we don't get these and the other big bugs at home.

Road runner in the fanciest neighborhood of South Laredo

Lake Casa Blanca from last week when I was on exchange with Elder Eskelson

Monday, September 14, 2015

Semana 29

So first, sorry everyone this is going to be another really short one this week. I had some important things that I had to write my mission president and it took a good chunk of my emailing time.

I hope everyone had an awesome week and that they are enjoying the start of fall. I know I am! We are finally starting to get rainstorms occasionally again which is a huge life saver. I have learned to love rain so much more down here, haha. Maybe I will have to live in Seattle or somewhere like that after the mission?

So this week has been truly a week of miracles. So many crazy cool little things. I would go into more detail time permitting, but suffice it to say, the power of fasting is so amazing. I have seen it time and time again. It's also amazing how God puts us in the path of prepared people to hear the gospel through these "coincidences" (though really, I no longer believe in coincidences) We met a really cool, humble guy last week that just walked up to us at the library who wants to be baptized and came to church. Amazing guy who has it rough right now having just been kicked out of his house and just roaming from relative to relative here in Laredo.

I also had a blast serving in the Zone Leader's area called Abundancia with Elder Eskelson. He is going home next week and it will be super strange and kind of hard to see him go. He has been one of my leaders for just about all the time I have been out here so far. He has become one of my best friends out here and always keeps me laughing. That's something I've really learned from him, work hard on the mission and do all you can, but have righteous fun. You shouldn't suffer through the mission. Because really, it is one of the most incredible gifts that God gives us. It really is like college to prepare for life and the Celestial Kingdom. Also the fact that He trusts us enough to take part in His greatest work to bring us eternal life is truly humbling to me.

That's about it for this week. I love you all so much and am so grateful that I have all of you in my life. I can't believe how truly blessed I am and how much God is involved in our lives.

Stay Classy,

Elder Sheehy

P.S. Elder Chacin and I totally saw an illegal getting pulled out from under a car by a border patrolman right in front of us last night. Just down the road from our apartment. It was great, haha. God bless 'murica

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Semana 28

Hello everyone! First off as always, Thanks so much Mom for the card and memory card so I can take pictures again and Grandma Lorraine for the package! That will help a lot, and you are too generous. Also Happy Birthday Debbie (Deb-rah) Hermansen! Have an awesome birthday! I hope that everyone is enjoying the start of their fall. To be honest I couldn't tell you what the seasons are here. It just goes from hot to hotter and dry to drier haha. I am going to freeze when I get back to Utah eventually.

Boy it's been crazy busy as usual, but crazy fun. I like when it gets busy here, because it's a lot more enjoyable when you can look back and see all that you were able to do.

Monday- So last P-day we had a way fun activity where we threw different colors of paint at each other and played a bunch of different sports out on the field next to the church. We got a pretty cool picture that we are going to put on to some zone t shirts we are making so I will send a picture of it when I get it.

Tuesday- Start of September! Hallelujah we got our truck back and miles! It felt so strange to be in a car again. I was so used to biking every day.

Wednesday- The grind. No, just don't have much to talk about. Pretty typical missionary day.

Thursday- A recent convert in Rio Bravo had a crazy break in when an ex boyfriend of her landlord was looking for her. We found out that this guy trying to find this lady and basically try to kill her, came literally 15 minutes after we left the night before. Luckily the lady got away after getting a little beat up and the guy got thrown in jail. So that's kind of nuts.

Friday- I had a day of exchanges with one of my Zone leaders named Elder Breck. It was a ton of fun. We helped some random guy in El Cenizo move a fridge and dresser in the back of our truck down the bumpy streets with him sitting in the bed holding them in since he didn't have anything to tie them down with, haha. Only in El Cenizo.

Saturday and Sunday- Not much to share right now

Monday-  Went to Rudy's again! So good! I will miss Texas barbecue when I go home eventually.

That's about all for now. Unfortunately no pictures this week, but I should have some new one for the next. I am actually on a zone exchange for the next couple of days with my Zone leader and good friend Elder Eskelson working in his area! It's going to be a blast and I am sure I will have some good things to talk about next week. It will be cool to spend some time with him before he goes home to Logan in a couple of weeks. I hope that we will get some time to hang out at Utah State when I head back there.

Have an awesome week everyone! Always be an example of the believers!

Stay Classy,

Elder Sheehy