Monday, November 28, 2016

The Thanksgiving Plague

Hey everybody!

I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving!

Mine was absolutely nuts! We had four back-to-back appointments. I have never felt so stuffed in my life! Poor Elder Gallegos in our zone lost it after two and I had to run to the bathroom to throw-up the first thing the following morning. Of all the thanks expressed during this holiday I would say I am most thankful that this is my last Thanksgiving as a missionary ;P  No seriously though, it was great of the members to be so loving here.

It's been fun to keep getting to know the area here in Corpus. I dig being able to see the ocean every day so much. It's like the ultimate stress reducer for me.

I don't have a lot to report on, but I was able to get some good pictures around town, so I'll just move ahead to that. I hope you have an awesome week everyone!

love y'all so much!

Stay classy,

Elder Sheehy

And then a few minutes later he wrote...

Just kidding on the pictures :( I forgot my camera at the apartment I just realized. >.< Next week for sure though!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Corpus Life

Hey everyone!

So I had some changes the last week. I was transferred here to Corpus Christi with Elder Knutti and I am having a blast. It is super pretty here and the weather is perfect right now. My area butts up against the ocean, so I get to see it basically every day which is really cool. This is definitely my most scenic area I've served in. Elder Knutti is from Virginia and we get along great. I am SOOO grateful I've had such awesome companions in the mission. That has been a huge blessing.

I wanted to be sure to thank my Grandma Jeri before I get too far as well. Thanks for the awesome Thanksgiving package, we have been enjoying the good treats.

So getting here to Corpus was pretty nuts. It was only Elder Buzan and I in a van and we both have never been away from the border and had no idea where we were going. We left the transfer meeting with a GPS in the car and just set a course for Corpus assuming that we could call the Zone Leaders when we got close. Well about halfway there We both realized that no one had given us a cell phone and that there wasn't any numbers in the car for missionaries. We figured we were too far to turn back so we kept on going. We made it to Corpus itself with good time but started wandering around looking for missionaries. Usually you will be met at the stake chapel, but when we arrived there, there wasn't anyone to pick us up. We resorted to talking to a worker that was working on the roof and asked him where the other chapels were located. So we wandered around all over Corpus to the different chapels, but not finding anyone around. Well this went on until about seven at night going to places and looking for members (we found a ward directory luckily).This finally ended up with us knocking on a less-active woman's home who pointed us in the right direction and fed us some food since we hadn't eaten anything all day. Thank goodness haha. Elder Buzan and I thought we were going to have to go back to an area where we knew people as late as it was getting. That was a super crazy experience, but it ended up alright.

Well I'm loving it here and looking forward to spending the holidays on the coast. We are looking at probably 5+ Thanksgiving dinner appointments so that's going to be insane. Pray that I can make it through that day lol.

Well I love y'all a ton and hope you have a great Thanksgiving! I don't have any photos yet, but I'll take a bunch this week.

Stay Classy,

Elder Sheehy

(p.s If you would like to send me some mail or packages ;) my new address is:

5757 S. Staples #1507
Corpus Christi, Texas

The mail should be safe here so feel free to send things straight here as opposed to sending them to the mission home and taking a long time to be brought up here to me).

Monday, November 14, 2016

Bye Bye Weslaco!

Hey ev'r budy!

So first thing first, I'm getting transferred! Definitely bittersweet for me. I am excited to see somewhere new and meet new people, but it will be hard to leave Weslaco a second time. So many great people and missionaries here. Also kind of a scary moment was realizing that this very well could be my final area i serve in. I heard (not confirmed yet) that I will be going to Corpus Christi. Super cool if that's true.

This last week was awesome. We saw a ton of success and things were just falling into place. We really saw the hand of the lord a lot blessing our investigator and our personal lives. We had a lot of fun meal appointments with our favorite members that were worried and now sad to hear of Elder Gonzales and I leaving the branch. We definitely went out with a bang, so I am very thankful to the awesome Weslaco branch members.

So the big highlight of the week was a baptism! Our investigator Juan that we have been working with was cleared by the mission president last Wednesday, so we got him prepped to go yesterday. He was super excited as he has been waiting for a couple of years to join the rest of his family in baptism. It was a seriously awesome moment. He was all smiles and seemed very very relieved to finally get there. I know he is going to be a very strong convert and will eventually become a great priesthood leader here. What a huge blessing to have been able to help him reach that desire and to have gotten to become so close with his family.

I hope you have an awesome week! Love ya guys!

Stay classy,

Elder Sheehy

Juan and his family :)

Monday, November 7, 2016

November...Where is my mission going?

Hello everyone!

 I can't believe that November is already here. I won't lie I had a couple of moments last week kind of freaking out that the mission is nearly over and I feel that there is still soooo much more I need to do and learn. Luckily there is still some time and I will use it to the best of my ability.

Before I get too far I want to thank my Grandma Jeri for a great Halloween card and I hope you had a very happy birthday.

This past week was awesome. Elder Peake with the rest of the district and I had a great time at meal appointments visiting and joking with the members. It's been a blessing to have so much time here in Weslaco. I love the members here in all the units to death. They are terrific people. Yesterday during fast and testimony meeting we heard so many powerful testimonies of the temple from these great people. I also felt impressed to stand and bear my testimony of eternal families and the incredible experience my mother and I had of taking my brother and sister Tyler and Tara's names through the temple before I came out here. I know without a doubt that they are in spirit paradise doing extremely well and helping out and working hard there. The whole purpose and joy of God's grand design is to see us all together as families in his presence again. I implore all that haven't been to the temple in awhile to bring a family ancestors name through and feel of the joy that comes from such an experience. I also implore those that haven't gone or unable to currently go, to work with your church leaders who love you to get a recommend and go. I miss the temple so much. The work there is real and you will feel no closer to God in any other place but His house.

We are seeing much growth and success with our investigator Juan currently and if all goes well with the final interview with our mission president (which i'm certain it will because of how golden of a man he is) he should be baptized very soon! I love this man and his family to death and I want nothing more than to see him join the rest of the family in baptism and go on to the sealing powers only available in the temple.
Sometimes he adds different details in his personal letters to me. Here's a part that made me sad...
Things are going great with Juan. He is an awesome guy that has a terrific family in some of the poorest conditions I've seen out here. Very very humble people. I wish so bad that I had money to buy them a new house that didn't have holes all over and cockroaches and mice running in and out. It's super sad.

I love you all so much and hope that you have a wonderful week!


Elder Sheehy

Some older pics that I got from Elder Peake's camera...

Elder Peake and I got to eat here a few weeks ago for a members birthday for all you can eat shrimp. Yes, we're spoiled :P

​Pirate birthday party with Elder Gonzalez and Barnett

​I thought this christian church sign was clever

​Yep, we found it... the Party spot. "Oh this is the party spot?... I guess I've been looking in the wrong place?"

Apparently the brother of Jared is marketing his glowing rocks now...

Yes, a real live snake got stuck in my companions tie... don't ask lol.