Monday, November 14, 2016

Bye Bye Weslaco!

Hey ev'r budy!

So first thing first, I'm getting transferred! Definitely bittersweet for me. I am excited to see somewhere new and meet new people, but it will be hard to leave Weslaco a second time. So many great people and missionaries here. Also kind of a scary moment was realizing that this very well could be my final area i serve in. I heard (not confirmed yet) that I will be going to Corpus Christi. Super cool if that's true.

This last week was awesome. We saw a ton of success and things were just falling into place. We really saw the hand of the lord a lot blessing our investigator and our personal lives. We had a lot of fun meal appointments with our favorite members that were worried and now sad to hear of Elder Gonzales and I leaving the branch. We definitely went out with a bang, so I am very thankful to the awesome Weslaco branch members.

So the big highlight of the week was a baptism! Our investigator Juan that we have been working with was cleared by the mission president last Wednesday, so we got him prepped to go yesterday. He was super excited as he has been waiting for a couple of years to join the rest of his family in baptism. It was a seriously awesome moment. He was all smiles and seemed very very relieved to finally get there. I know he is going to be a very strong convert and will eventually become a great priesthood leader here. What a huge blessing to have been able to help him reach that desire and to have gotten to become so close with his family.

I hope you have an awesome week! Love ya guys!

Stay classy,

Elder Sheehy

Juan and his family :)

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