Monday, September 12, 2016

I didn't choose the Edcouch life. The Edcouch life chose me.

What's up everybody?

I hope everyone had a great labor day. I heard my football team had a good week (How 'bout them Utes?!).

My week was super fun.

We have been having a blast getting to know our members. One of my favorites is an old lady that lives alone in a trailer park that has super bad arthritis and can't go out very far. We call her "Two Canes" because that's what she uses instead of a walker. She is like the hippest grandma I have ever met. She loves to play computer games and her Sega Genesis lol XD. She has also had a very crazy life and lived a year in Tonga just because. It's been a blast to go over twice a week to give her the sacrament and then get her mail. She has some super funny stories that she tells and a terrific testimony.

The highlights of the week were definitely the past two days. Our stake had conference and got a new stake president (A really cool guy that I visited once a week back in Alamo that is a former area seventy) and we had two seventies come down. Elders Joseph W. Sitati originally from Kenya, Africa and Daniel W. Jones from Texas were great and had very spiritual talks. I loved hearing from Elder Sitati especially because of how interactive he was with the stake. During the adult session on Saturday night he asked for five gospel questions that people had been asking. He answered them with great insight and I learned quite a bit about topics I am pretty familiar with previously. So that is always cool.

Something else I did was sing in the choir at the conference. Crazy right? I am working on pushing myself out of my comfort zone. It was pretty cool.

Well I hope everyone has a great week and I look forward to hearing from Y'all!

Con amor,

Elder Sheehy

No worries, he did send me a very sweet Birthday card and note today also! ;) 
I wasn't sure what "Edcouch" was, so I googled it, and it's a town in Texas..I guess one of the areas he is in now.

You need to click on some of these pictures to enlarge them to see the notes on them...

We've been having fun hiding this giant superman action figure around our apartment.

Yeah, the weird things missionaries do to entertain ourselves...

It's crazy how popular this game has gotten.

And people wonder why my Spanish is so bad...LOL: yarda is not a real word in Spanish, it is the Tex-Mex equivalent of yard and sale is English. That is not uncommon to see this butchering of the languages, haha. One of the fun things of the TMM.  

What I feel like at the end of the day