Monday, July 18, 2016

Thanks for a Great B-day!

What's up everybody?!

Thanks so much for a terrific birthday and the awesome packages/cards! You guys spoil me so much!

Thanks to:

-Grandma J for the great package, letter, and program from the Maluendas homecoming
-The Coys for the delicious burger card (I was so surprised when I opened our mailbox to that, lol)
-Hermansens (my Deb-rah and company) for the card and pictures!
-Steve, Kim, Katie, and Jared for the card!
-Grandma Lorraine for the card!
-Aunt Sherrie for the card!
-and the fam for the package!
-Also anyone i may have forgotten with my terrible memory :s just know you are loved lol

Y'all are the greatest!

So it's been a crazy cool birthday week! So first round of business is that they took out one of the missionary companionships in our ward so we are helping out are good buddies Elder Madsen and Stanley (the weslaco wacko lol) to cover our giant ward boundaries so we are in Harlingen for half of the week now. It is nuts, but I really like the challenge and getting to go by all the members. Plus I love the other Elders in our district to death so we have a blast spending way more time with them during the week. All the missionaries that went home in July put a big hit on the mission this month so we are all spread pretty thin.

The next thing that was pretty sweet was getting to go up north to a town called Raymondville for a day with the other elders that had been a branch in the past, but closed down. We are putting our focus there as the missionaries of the ward so that someday the branch can be reopened. It was a super ghetto place, but had a lot of cool abandoned buildings.

For my birthday I was given a lot of cool things from members and cakes (they spoiled me :) ) and a really good friend here who is a recent convert named Zuri heard of my obsession with Mickey and disney and got me a bunch of mickey stuff for kids including a coloring book lol it was great. The day after was actually the day between our birthdays since hers is on the sixteenth so we had a party at a super good pizza place in Harlingen. I also got her back with a bunch of gag gifts too.

On Saturday I got an irish dinner! The Mallowneys ( Super cool family that loves the missionaries. Brother Mallowney is from Brooklyn, New York so he has the cool accent) in Harlingen knew I was Irish and that i loved corned beef so they cooked up some corn beef and cabbage like our St. Patrick's day dinner back at home and we had a feast! It was super good! I even wore a clover tie made in Ireland and St. Patrick's day socks I found to celebrate. I didn't think I would be getting that until I got home so that was super cool.

Well it's been a terrific week so I am so grateful to all of you and the great members in the Harlingen ward.

Have a terrific week!

love y'all!

Stay Classy,

Elder Sheehy

Hey mom!

Things are great! I had a super fun birthday! Way more fun than last year. A lot of members did really nice things for me.

Be sure and let all the peeps know thank you on facebook. . Thanks so much for the mangos, cds, shirt, and other stuff! I appreciate it :) you guys are the best!

Thanks for everything again and making my birthday fun way out here :)

Love you so much!

(p.s. You unleashed so much chaos at our apartment by giving Elder Rosaschi and I nerf guns, hahaha)

The aftermath of getting a chocolate cake to the face on my birthday

Corned beef and cabbage!

Cool beetle we found. The green dots on the back are bio-luminescent. Crazy bugs you find down in Texas.

These are all pictures members posted on Facebook, I love when these randomly pop up on my feed. :)

Monday, July 11, 2016

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!

Hey everyone!

Sorry that my emails have been a little lack-luster as of late. I will try to do better. As I said in the title, thanks to everyone that has either sent something or said something about my birthday. I truly feel all the love and hope I can reciprocate that back to you. Thanks specifically to Grandma J for the packages, Mom, Dad, and Em for the package, and Aunt Sherrie for the card. I can't wait to open them! To any that may have sent something, I'm sure that it will arrive soon, so don't worry. The mail is pretty reliable where I am at right now.

So good news! I will be staying in La Feria with Elder Rosaschi for at least six more weeks! We are super stoked because we have had so much fun together and really love the people in this area.

I guess to recap a bit this past week, Elder Rosaschi and I had a great time on our "celestial P-day" on the 4th cracking jokes, and eating some delicious apple pie that we bought.

We also had some extremely powerful lessons with some long-standing investigators of the church in our area. I know that their time to enter the waters of baptism is long overdue and I feel we have had a real breakthrough with them. I know that we are going to witness some big miracles this transfer.

Sorry to cut this short, but I hope you all know how much I love and appreciate every single one of you! Have a wonderful week!

Stay classy you lovely people,

Elder Sheehy

Bye bye Elder Ivey ;( The most loving missionary I know

Elder Downer with toad tower

Flashback photo from two transfers ago. I give you...the most intense tickle battle with Elder Ault

Elder Packer is a beast (actually it's an airbag, but looks like a giant bag of grain or something) 
The strange things you find out proselyting.

We got to go to President and Sister Maluenda's Homecoming on Sunday in Sandy. Here is a picture of a portion of the returned missionaries who were there, along with the Maluenda's and their family.The missionaries all got up and sang a medley of songs in English and Spanish in the sacrament meeting, It was beautiful and made this missionary mom cry. 
I can see why Austin loved the Maluenda's so much, they gave amazing talks, and you could just feel their strong spirits and the love they have for their missionaries. President Maluenda said, "We arrived in McAllen with 6 kids and returned home with 600...and 6."
So thankful I had the opportunity to meet them.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

Austin hasn't written a mass email the last couple weeks, so here is part of the letters to me and to Grandma Lorraine....  

Hey Mom!

Great to hear from you. I am jealous of the stadium of fire Tim Mcgraw concert. I bet that was a lot of fun and super cool. The pics make it look good too! Thanks for sending them.

That sounds like a fun bbq with the Hermansens. Be sure to let them all know I say hi and that I would love to hear from them ;).

(He got a new mission President this week) I love president Torres to death already. I thought the Maluendas were amazing... man, president Torres is on a whole different level. That guy literally baptized villages on his mission, haha. He also had some awesome inspiring words to share with us and in our interviews. I'm super excited. That will be cool to go to the Maluenda's homecoming. I wish I could be there. They changed my life forever. I owe them so much.

Well everything is still going super good for me. Thanks so much for the excercise dvd. I have been using it.

Anyways I sure do love you a lot. This will probably count as my mass email for the week since i'm not sure what to write about. I have hardly been able to work in my area this last week with all of the new mission president craziness. I did get to see Elder Christensen again and he said that his mom had seen a picture of Reilly and wanted him really bad haha. I miss elder Christensen, he is a super good guy. Also Elder Rosaschi and I had some pretty good apple pie in honor of Independence day.

Anyways, have an awesome week!


Elder Sheehy

Hello grandma!

So glad to hear from you again. It sounds like you had a fun 4th of July. Ours was very strange because we had our P-day as normal, but we had to go in at six for the holiday. So we didn't get to go out at all. It felt very weird. I can't imagine how it will feel the first couple of days I return home. We also were fed some delicious barbecue as all the missionaries in the Harlingen region from a very generous member. What I love is that all of the holiday food is very tex-mex around here. You had your normal hotdogs, chips, and barbecued roast, but they also had rice and tortillas, and such. Something I will miss about here. I love the combining of cultures.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I hope I am helping you all back at home as well. I also feel our loved ones helping out a lot on the other side of the veil. I'm almost convinced that Tyler is teaching the ancestors of the people that I get to teach. It's a vibe I get quite frequently. Something really cool.
Well I love you so much and look forward to hearing from you again soon!


Elder Sheehy