Monday, July 11, 2016

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!

Hey everyone!

Sorry that my emails have been a little lack-luster as of late. I will try to do better. As I said in the title, thanks to everyone that has either sent something or said something about my birthday. I truly feel all the love and hope I can reciprocate that back to you. Thanks specifically to Grandma J for the packages, Mom, Dad, and Em for the package, and Aunt Sherrie for the card. I can't wait to open them! To any that may have sent something, I'm sure that it will arrive soon, so don't worry. The mail is pretty reliable where I am at right now.

So good news! I will be staying in La Feria with Elder Rosaschi for at least six more weeks! We are super stoked because we have had so much fun together and really love the people in this area.

I guess to recap a bit this past week, Elder Rosaschi and I had a great time on our "celestial P-day" on the 4th cracking jokes, and eating some delicious apple pie that we bought.

We also had some extremely powerful lessons with some long-standing investigators of the church in our area. I know that their time to enter the waters of baptism is long overdue and I feel we have had a real breakthrough with them. I know that we are going to witness some big miracles this transfer.

Sorry to cut this short, but I hope you all know how much I love and appreciate every single one of you! Have a wonderful week!

Stay classy you lovely people,

Elder Sheehy

Bye bye Elder Ivey ;( The most loving missionary I know

Elder Downer with toad tower

Flashback photo from two transfers ago. I give you...the most intense tickle battle with Elder Ault

Elder Packer is a beast (actually it's an airbag, but looks like a giant bag of grain or something) 
The strange things you find out proselyting.

We got to go to President and Sister Maluenda's Homecoming on Sunday in Sandy. Here is a picture of a portion of the returned missionaries who were there, along with the Maluenda's and their family.The missionaries all got up and sang a medley of songs in English and Spanish in the sacrament meeting, It was beautiful and made this missionary mom cry. 
I can see why Austin loved the Maluenda's so much, they gave amazing talks, and you could just feel their strong spirits and the love they have for their missionaries. President Maluenda said, "We arrived in McAllen with 6 kids and returned home with 600...and 6."
So thankful I had the opportunity to meet them.

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