Monday, November 16, 2015

Semana 38

No general email this week, so here's my personal letter...

Hey Mom!

Yeah Texas here in the McAllen area is very nice this time of year. It rains a lot and the temperatures are just right. I do miss snow though. It will be strange not having any in December. Glad to hear that Dad made it home safe and sound.(from a hunting trip to Iowa) It was very cool to hear that they had so much success out there.

Good to hear that you were able to do some fun things for Grandma L for her anniversary. That's scary that all that craziness happened with her heart, but glad to hear that everything is alright. I am glad that you were there to help her with all that. (My mom ended up in the hospital for a few days after having an episode in which her heart rate was beating way too fast...still trying to figure out what exactly caused that)

So I haven't been to a ward or branch yet that has had a primary program yet. No worries on all the questions. Sunday is 10:00 to 1:00 just covering one spanish ward in Pharr, Texas. The new area is great. There are a ton of great members and a lot of pretty orange orchards and palm trees. It is much greener and cooler than Rio Bravo. My apartment is super nice and huge. It used to be a four person apartment, but the Alamo South area covers both of those areas so there is just Elder Montgomery and I in there. Elder Montgomery is great. We have bunch in common (hunting, surfing, business aspirations, stuff like that). He is a great guy that is extremely easy to get along with. Again I have been blessed with a great companion. My Spanish is not very good to be honest and is probably my number one struggle. It's crazy being a companion with the district leader for this long because we are constantly running around trying to work in our area and help all the other companionship's too. So it's been very hard to find a good amount of time to study Spanish.

Yeah Em was telling me that they built a new gym by our house and that she loves going there. You should definitely try out the Firehouse subs. Those are the best sub sandwiches I have ever had.

That's way cool that Em gets to give a talk too. I hope she does well and doesn't get too nervous. Giving talks in English is a breeze after struggling through a couple in Spanish, haha.

Love you so much and I hope you have a great week!


Elder Sheehy

P.S Sorry, but I probably won't be sending out a mass email this week because I don't really know what to write about. It's just been a crazy busy week with nothing really standing out.

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