Monday, November 23, 2015

Semana 39?

Hey Everyone!

Well I apologize that I wasn't able to get a mass email out last week. This new area has been super crazy busy with things to do. Have been helping out a bunch of other missionaries being right here in the heart of the mission and we had three day leadership conference so I went and worked in another area while Elder Montgomery was there since he is a district leader.

Oh by the way, Thank you so much Grandma Jeri for the Thanksgiving packages and letters. I really really appreciate your love and kindness. I have been enjoying all the great treats and new white shirts. Laredo summer time hammered a couple of mine.

So I was serving in the city of Mercedes for three days with Elder Moser (Logan, Utah) and Elder Christensen (Washington). They are great Elders and I had some fun riding around in their bike area. They actually cover an English speaking ward so all the teaching was in English. It was super strange because I'm so used to the majority being in Spanish. I felt like I was back in Utah a few times there. The area that they cover is actually where Elder Walk and Elder Strong were hit and killed on their bikes by a hit and run driver in 2011. It was kind of eerie since we were riding down the same road they were hit on a few times. I know those two Elders are working hard in the spirit world for sure. There was also cool a little memorial someone had made for them in the apartment that I stayed in.

While working in Elder Christensen and Elder Moser's area we did some service for a family who had their house flooded from the bad tropical storm that came out of the hurricane that hit Mexico. Luckily they are well off and only have to get some sheet rock replaced in their home. Something really cool about them though is I found out when I questioned the mom about her cool accent is that she is from Haiti. So I thought of Aj Halling. They were a super cool family and I got the Elders that work there a meal appointment set up so they can try some Creole food. Unfortunately I won't be there, haha. It was a fun three days and I wouldn't mind working there in the future.

Other than that it's just been running around like crazy trying to get things back to normal since no one was working in our area for three days. Oh! Something I forgot to mention is that we had a baptism last week of our investigator Celso. He is a super cool 18 year old kid that is a boyfriend of one of our members. He was so stoked after his baptism. Something really cool too is that a recent convert that was baptized the week before I got here was confirmed that same day and gave a talk about the Holy Ghost at the baptism. That has to be some kind of record or something for a recent convert giving a talk that soon after baptism. She (Raquel) is so cool and is already going out with us to lessons all the time and bringing non member friends to church. It's very cool to see how converted she has become to the gospel so quickly. She is always asking us for things to study so she can help us teach better at lessons.

Yesterday I gave another talk in church about enduring to the end. Boy is it scary still to give talks in Spanish, but man does it make teaching and speaking in English a breeze. I could talk for days in English now when before I would get nervous too haha. It went very well and I have to give credit to the Holy Ghost and the gift of tongues on that talk. I struggled for the first little bit of speaking, but out of nowhere everything just started flowing naturally like I knew what I was doing and I just set down my notes and just spoke the rest of the time by the spirit. Crazy cool experience.

That's it for now, I hope that everyone has a terrific week and a Happy Thankgiving! I am so very thankful for all the great friends and family that I have grown up with and been around. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for all of you.

Love you guys so much!

Stay classy,

Elder Sheehy

P.S. In my letter I asked him if they had been invited to eat Thanksgiving dinner with anyone, and he answered..."Thanksgiving is going to be just a gorge myself, food fest. We already have five meal appointments I believe and I am sure we will be getting more. I hope that I can survive that okay." :)
"Sounds like your Thanksgiving is going to be much more fun and relaxing than mine, haha. Tell the family Hi for me and that I love them."

An old pic. from Rio Bravo. Brother Deleon, one of my favorite member families.

Elder Moser and Elder Christensen are super cool guys

Super cool spanish/western style home in our area

We're not in Rio Bravo or La Joya anymore...nice neighborhoods have been a strange transition

I've forgotten what snow is.

I love how these are growing everywhere down here.

Do you think these people have enough dogs? haha, these are only like half in the picture.

Haha, only in South Texas. Could you just not pull up so close to the curb? I guess props for creativity in the use of an old mattress.

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