Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Semana 5, McAllen...Here I Come!

¡Hola Todos!

How is everyone doing?
This week has been so great for me (except for the very beginning which I will talk about below)..
Things are going very well, I´m finally gaining confidence in my Spanish and the last two practice lessons with Elder Stone and I have gone really really well. The spirit was way strong in both of them so I hope I can carry that into McAllen. I am sooo glad to be moving on though. Eleven hours everyday of the same thing in a little white classroom drives me crazy. I have learned to appreciate it though, finally.
I can´t believe that the next email I send out will be from Texas!

So crazy story of the week, for some reason I got a weird migraine where my left eye got way blurry and I got a massive headache. So I asked if I could go get some ibuprofen to stop the pain and my teacher said that was fine. Then, I totally had a run in with what I call "El Pajaro de Satan├ís" or the bird of satan, haha. These birds are seriously the most ugly, most scary sounding bird I have ever seen and anyways Elder Stone and I were about to make it back into our casa to grab the ibuprofen when out of nowhere we hear this banshee cry from this bird it lands right above me and while I am mid-stride it poops on me and it got on everything! it went from my head, to my shirt and badge, down on to my pants, and finally resting on to my shoe. Then with a cry of triumph, the bird flies off. After promptly freaking out for a bit, I vowed to kill that bird (hasn´t happened yet, but i´m still on the hunt haha). So we run inside while Elder Stone is laughing his head off the whole time (great companion right? haha, just kidding) and I go to throw all my clothes into a washing machine and into the shower. I asked Elder Stone to give me a hand and wash them and the poop wasn't coming out of my white shirt. So he grabbed some bleach. Unfortunately, the bleach must not have gotten washed down the sink well enough before he got to washing my slacks and it splashed on it and ruined it with bleach spots :( I wasn´t mad though because he was just trying to help. I am now down a pair so I will need one shipped to me or need some cash for a new pair in McAllen. I lived to fight another day but seriously nothing was going right for me that day, haha.
   So the next day Elder Stone was flipping a peso that he really likes and it gets caught on a ledge. So being a good companion I offer to boost him so he can grab it. The first attempt at jumping up he knees me hard in the jaw and I bite down hard. After laughing for a while we gave it another attempt and we got it and all is well. Until that is, when I look in the mirror later that night. The impact from the knee ended up chipping one of my front teeth a little so i´ll need to get that fixed when I get back.
  Now after hearing all this you are probably thinking that I am angry at my companion now, haha, No I totally love this guy, both were accidents and we still get along great. I just need to keep bleach away from him and wear a mouth guard ;)  We have been getting good at teaching with each other in the practice progressing investigator studies and I really hope we are companions again sometime in McAllen.
I am so excited for conference! We get to watch all the sessions here so that will be so cool!

 I´ll tell y´all how Texas is next email! I am so stoked!

As always, thanks for all the love and support you have shown me everyone!

Stay classy,

-Elder Sheehy

District picture after our final sacrament meeting with President DeHoyo (he's an amazing piano player)

Hermano Ortiz. He is so funny, and an awesome teacher,

Our cool CCM tshirts

The outside world. I so want to come back after my mission to explore the city.

It will be weird not to see the B on the hill anymore after this week.

I love the palms here.

This one was sent to me (Stacie) from a senior sister missionary with a sweet note talking about seeing "two handsome, enthusiastic Elders doing their service for the week with cheerful attitudes."
I definitely got a kick out of that one! :)

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