Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Semana 6, ¡Hola! from McAllen!

I was pleasantly surprised to get an email  today, after getting a great phone call from him yesterday while he was in the Houston Airport on a layover. Now we just have to wait for Mother's Day for another phone call!  If only they would allow calls home every month, this would be a piece of cake! :)

Hola todo!

Well hello from a little town called La Joya! I just got partnered with my trainer Elder Berger (Don't know him very well yet, but he seems like an awesome guy.) Today has been a little crazy. I haven't really been able to unpack anything yet because my companion and the other companionship in our casa wanted to go email so here I am! It is sooo hot here and humid. Really green which is different than what I was expecting. Holy cow though, is it flat! Like Iowa and Missouri look like mountain ranges compared to this place, haha, but I will surely adjust. So La Joya is right on the border and I don't know much about it other than that. All I have heard is that you will see border patrol every day and often picking people up in their vans, the cartel are cool with the missionaries so you will be protected, and this place is super Hispanic, hahaha. I have also heard that this is a great place that has great members, so I am excited to find out. After this I am going shopping and then we have a couple of visits. So hopefully I will do alright, haha. Lucky for me this area is apparently very Spanglish so I should get by okay. President Maluenda and his family are so awesome! They made a delicious dinner for us upon arrival and he gave us all great advice. He is a spiritual giant. You can just tell that he is constantly listening for inspiration to give to the missionaries. He also has a great sense of humor and really helped build my confidence with his warm and energetic approach on missionary work. I am so blessed to have him as my President. They also have an amazingly beautiful home so that was cool to see.

So the trip here was tiring. I had got to bed the night before at around one thirty (they didn't give us time to pack earlier in the day like they usually would, because of conference) and then I couldn't really sleep and our alarm went off at three thirty. Then on to the crazy airport that mixed up my tickets and couldn't get my passport to scan. Luckily it all worked out, but for a moment there I didn't think I was going to be able to escape from Mexico :) After that in the Houston layover I had the awesome opportunity to call home and that was so great to be able to talk to you guys. After that it was lunch time and having missed Murican things, we of course chose to go eat something at the McDonalds, haha. I seriously was way too happy to be able to drink some Dr. Pepper again and eat a quarter pounder. That's about the highlights of the trip.

Well it was hard to say goodbye to Elder Stone, but I know he will do great over in Brownsville. I really hope we will be companions again as he is such an awesome guy. He also got a great missionary opportunity on the plane with a younger guy that was coming out to McAllen to move in with family. He was able to really get to know him well and you could feel the spirit testify of his message and he commited him to look at mormon.org and learn more about our church as well as have him email him what he thought about it. I really am excited to find out what becomes of that. *sniff* *sniff* little Elder Stone grew up so fast :')

Well I am nervous but excited to finally be out here. I absolutely know that I am supposed to be here as the spirit was really strong as I started to fly over my mission area. I guess we will see what becomes of the next few weeks!

You stay classy familia!

-Elder Sheehy

p.s. Sorry no pictures this week as I haven't yet dug out my camera. I also haven't been able to open the packages yet, but thank Grandma for me. Thanks for all you guys do and the love you send my way.

p.p.s Sorry for the structure and flow of this email, I am a bit strapped for time so that's why it is rushed.

Oh p.p.s! Conference was so amazing! I hope you all had the opportunity to watch it. If not, definitely read some of them in the upcoming Ensign. Those new temples are in crazy cool locations! Here is hoping that Corpus Christi or McAllen get announced next!

Here's the last two pictures of his District that someone at the MTC sent to me.
He really loved this group of people....definitely an answer to prayers that he had such a great start to his mission! 

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