Monday, April 27, 2015

Semana 9!?... I think, haha (I am losing track of time)‏

Sup everybody!

Well I can't believe that another month has passed on the mission. How is everyone doing?

So, unfortunately I forgot to bring my journal with me today, so I am probably forgetting a bunch of things that happened this week. It is a weird anomaly here, but if I don't write it down or it was a super crazy experience, or something really funny, I will forget it almost immediately the next day. So I have been trying my best to record things in my journal so I can remember them after the Mish. If I forgot anything of note I will include it in the next letter.

Well first off, the baptism of Tim and Javier fell through, but it is for the best. The situation is that we are serving in an all Spanish ward and they speak and understand very little Spanish. So the bishop here wants them to go to an English ward outside of our area (which I agree will be the best thing for them so they can understand and build their testimony after baptism). So they will be baptized in a couple of weeks hopefully, but I am hoping and praying that the extra time Satan has to stop them from being baptized they will be able to overcome. They have grown and progressed so much since we first started visiting them that I am confident that they will be able to overcome the trials if they are clinging to the faith that they have in God and Jesus Christ. Hopefully we will be able to attend the baptism over at the new ward. So it will be all good.

Let's see... 

We got a new investigator named Juan that is the most prepared guy I have met here yet. We met him just mowing his lawn in his yard and invited us in to talk to him for a minute (another English speaker, no idea why we always teach them, when it is like 90% Spanish speakers around here, but I think he can speak Spanish as well). Well we taught him the restoration and the whole time the spirit was just so strong and he completely agreed with everything we taught him and his responses to the questions we asked showed just how much incredible faith he has in Christ and Heavenly father. He just doesn't have the whole truth yet, and that is what we are here for :) haha. But it was almost like teaching a member his knowledge was so good already. We found out that he has been having difficulty with his wife getting pregnant, and has been for a very long time, and so badly wants a family. Elder Berger was impressed to tell him that if he is baptized that God will give him that opportunity to be a father, and I absolutely believe it with my whole heart that God will provide this miracle if he does his part as the spirit testified to all of us. He committed to baptism whole heartedly before Elder Berger said this to him. His faith is so strong. After the lesson he gave one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard in my life. I was literally tearing up from the love I could feel that he has for the Savior and our Father in Heaven. He was bearing his whole soul and I really wish that I can learn to pray like that. It was like a spiritual overload up in there haha. So I am praying hard that he keeps this faith and determination and that Satan doesn't throw him off this path to eternal happiness. He has so much incredible potential.

Well I can't thing of anything major besides that other than I got to feed some members goats some bananas, and I saw my first roadkill armadillo, and a sister missionary in our district caught a wild cottontail rabbit with her bare hands that got trapped in a members greenhouse (unfortunately didn't have my camera on me in this instance :(  haha. 

It was kind of an off week to be honest with all the stress we were having trying to figure out the situation with Tim and Javier. But I am quite content now and know that they are now on the path God has for them. 

Love y'all and really appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for me! It's so great to have such a wonderful support system for me back at home. Have a wonderful week!

Elder Sheehy

Y'all stay classy

And here is a letter he wrote to me separately, talking about how bad he feels about not having time to write to each of us individually, I told him not to stress about it, he has much more important things to focus on. :) 

Hey Mom,
Sorry I don't have a lot of time to respond to stuff and that I missed replying to you last week. When I get to the library here to write, I get so stressed out trying to get to everything because I really do want to reply to everyone, but they time doesn't always allow.
I am doing well, just would kill for an hour more every day where I could settle and write in my journal more and write some hand written letters to those who have written (wrote a letter to Brooklyn, and am currently working on sending one to the Grandmas since I got some from them as well).
I'm glad Emilee's ankle is doing well. I was praying for her and have seen the power of prayer already here in the mission.
I'm glad your talk went well in Sacrament meeting, I'm sure you did a great job!
It's super cool to hear about all these kids from our ward going on missions (I guess they are adults now, but they still seem like kids to me) I can remember them all just being little when they first moved into the neighborhood.
You will have a great time at Women's conference and will learn some great things. Be sure to go with a question in your mind that you want answered, and I promise you will receive an answer.
Say "Hola" to Boo and Molly for me as well!

Love ya Madre, have a great week!


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