Monday, April 20, 2015

Semana 8! Of Ice Cream Trucks and Lightning Bolts

What is up y'all?!

This has been a great week!

First off I want to thank Brooklyn and Grandma Jeri for sending those letters! I really appreciate it. I will do my best to write back with time permitting. Unfortunately there isn't much time around here, but I will see what I can do.

So last Monday we got to play some soccer with the district. Well it was fun, but with it being like ninety eight degrees with extremely high humidity from the previous monsoon rain evaporation, we absolutely melted. It seriously looked like I had jumped in a pool. It was super gross, haha. Well at the end I said "Oh my goodness Texas why do you have to be so hot?!!" and Sister Thompson who we did not expect at all responds "How many times do I have to tell you, my name is not Texas!" It was super funny we were all laughing really hard. It caught me so off guard. That night there was some amazing lightning storms. Like seriously the biggest bolts I have ever seen! I wish I could have gotten some video or pictures of those things.

So something really exciting that has been going on is that Elder Berger and I have been teaching two brothers a little younger than us named Tim and Javier. They speak English and don't speak Spanish really well so that has been a relief that I have been able to teach in English. Anyways, they have been progressing really well and we have had some amazing lessons with them. They are set to be baptized this Saturday!! So we are praying super hard right now and will be visiting them everyday this week so nothing bad happens since Satan will be working hard on them not to be. They are great guys though and I am so excited to see them make this next step and the happiness that it will bring them. It's amazing the love you feel that God has for all his children when you are a missionary. Like I love these people down here so much and want to help them any way that I can. I have seen miracles with these guys and I know how badly our father in heaven wants them to return to his presence. Last night since Javier is under the age of 18 has to get a signature from a parent to be baptized. So we talked with his mom for a long time trying to dissuade any doubts or issues she had with it. It was a spiritual battle and at first you could tell the adversary was working really hard on her. As she felt the spirit though she eventually softened and agreed with it! I absolutely know without the Holy Ghost present that absolutely wouldn't have happened. It was super funny too as at first she was shutting down what we had to say but at the end Javier had some doubts come up as Satan was totally working on them like "Would it be bad if I went to another church? Like my moms?" and we were about to answer and his mom cut in "Oh you wouldn't want to go anyways, it's all in Spanish." and he was like ""Oh yeah I guess you are right, never mind" haha so she totally became our ally. That is the power of the Holy Ghost right there for sure. So hopefully I will have some good news next week!

Another crazy cool experience that happened this week is we were out contacting and absolutely no one wanted to hear what we had to say and just a ton of people weren't home or not answering their doors and we were badly in need of a new investigator. So we stopped and said a prayer that we would be led to someone that was prepared to receive the gospel. After that we felt like we should go down a street that the other Elders had contacted on and we weren't planning on going to that night. We stopped at the first house and Elder Berger says "how do you feel about that one?' and I responded "pretty good". So we try that house and meanwhile I hear someone talking from a yard across the street and it kind of catches my attention. A lady answers that door and doesn't want to hear our message. So we cross the street and try the house next to the one I heard the person talking from. As we are sitting on the doorstep I look over at the house where the noise was coming from and the spirit just hits me "that's totally the one" So the house we are at doesn't answer, but we go over to the house that I was feeling prompted about. As we are sitting on the doorstep no one is answering there. So I was thinking "that's strange, I totally thought it was this house." Then we hear from behind us "Can I help you?" It's the guy who lives there who was just out back. So that just goes to show you that God will try our faith sometimes before he gives us miracles. So we found out that his name is Miguel and he is super prepared. It tells us that he wants to be closer to God and make some changes in his life so he can be more clean. He has an amazing testimony already of God and Jesus Christ, we just need to help him get over some word of wisdom issues. So we sat there in his front yard in the dark and had a very spiritual lesson with him. I feel like he has some amazing potential and that he is absolutely ready to accept the gospel according to his agency. Funny story during that though. So Elder Berger had told me about the infamous icecream/Elotes trucks (de Satanas haha) that are everywhere in South Texas and how without fail they will drive by with their loud music and megaphones during really spiritual lessons and I have seen it three times now. So here comes one by while we are testifying about Christ and baptism and Elder Berger just gives me this look like "of course..." haha well we got the last laugh because as it was in front of us driving by we heard a pop and a hiss as he got a hole in his tire haha, Take that Satan! Honestly though i'm sure those people mean well and I feel bad he got a flat, but the work will not be frustrated bro, so take your truck elsewhere.

Well hope everyone has a wonderful week! I love it so much down here. I will be super sad when I eventually get transferred because the members and people here in general are so great! It's totally like little Mexico down here and sometimes I forget I am in the U.S. Greatest mission location ever if you got called to the states, but want a foreign experience. Oh man I still can't get over how amazing the food is here. I wish I could let you all taste just how amazing it is. I am going to keep going hard on my bike or i'm afraid I will be coming back forty pounds heavier! It's delicious but boy do they pack the food here with lard, haha.

Love you all!
-Elder Sheehy

( Oh p.s Elder Berger and I saw a cat on a roof just chilling there sitting like a person and it totally looked like some kind of monkey. We were like "What in the world?" haha the animals are nuts down here)

My trainer (mission dad) in front of our apartment

Bored in the car with Elder Olsen

My really cool scripture cases I got in Mexico

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