Monday, May 4, 2015

Semana 10

We received a package from Austin on Sat.with some fun souvenirs from the Mexico MTC. That was a great surprise! He also included a hand written letter, so there was only a short email this week with responses to some questions I had. He will get to Skype or Facetime this Sunday, so we're all looking forward to that! :)

This is the email he wrote to Grandma Lorraine that I loved...

Hello Grandma!

Haha, You may be a bit prejudice, but that's your job as a Grandma. That gave me great laugh to read that though. (in response to her saying he was her favorite Elder in the whole Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.)

I am glad that you are enjoying my letters and that they are helping you. By the way, thank you so much for the letter you sent to me. I am currently working on writing one to return to you, so sorry for the time that it is taking. I hope that Heavenly Father is blessing all of you back home as that is what I am here for, to bless others around me and forget about myself for a couple of years. I am glad that that is what is happening.

I have so greatly learned to love and appreciate going to church on Sunday more out on the mission. I can't tell you how much joy we get when one of our investigators or less active members makes it to church (now I can understand why you and my mom wanted me to go so much). I am so glad that you are staying busy and enjoying the great social aspects that the church provides as well as most importantly the spiritual.

Thank you so much for the love and support as always. The prayers you send my way are always returned by mine twice over, as I think and pray about the whole family a lot. Hope you are having a wonderful week! Be sure to get Emilee to stop by once in a while and take you out to Rumbi Island Grill.

Elder Sheehy

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