Monday, May 18, 2015

Semana 12!

Hola y'all!

So first off I finally got my packages from the mission home!  Thanks so much family for the Trader Joe's stuff (totally was craving some cookie butter before I got that for some reason so it was divine, haha) as well as the slacks and such, Thanks so much Grandma Jeri for more heavenly Hawaiian stuff, thanks so much to the Sullivan's for the awesome tie and letter, and thank you Brooklyn for the letter! Wow, you guys spoil me so much! Thank you all so much for the love and support you are showing me.
 So transfers are being announced some time today so I will be letting you know next week if I am still in La Joya or somewhere else. That's been a hot topic lately guessing where everyone is going. It's not too big of a deal for all the other missionaries that have been around awhile, but as it is my first transfer it is exciting for me.
  This week has been a bit slow, but I'll see if I can remember a bit to write about.

So this week we met this super chill guy named Guadalupe that has read the whole Book of Mormon and is almost done reading the whole topical guide! It was just a random contact and he comes out with his Book of Mormon and shows us all the notes he has all over it. It was so cool. That is like way better than even our full time members do in this area. So hopefully some good comes out of that. Only problem is that he believes that anything that talks about God is true so we have to get him a testimony that this is the only true church.
  We have been mostly doing a ton of member work lately. The Toscano family has been running into some tough times so we have been running around trying to help them all out. It's super sad how there is always something that seems to be going wrong there.
  I also had my first beer dumping party! We helped a member that was having word of wisdom issues pour out sixty eight cans of beer in his yard! For something so simple and dumb, it was seriously a blast.
  While serving the Toscanos I had my first opportunity to give a blessing in Spanish for Eloy who has been really struggling. I was super nervous, but the spirit really helped guide me and it was a powerful experience.
  We had the opportunity on Friday to make and give a cake to our most boss member in the La Joya ward. Isidro Lopez is this little Mexican guy that turned 87 and is always out working on his farm by hand every day in the hot sun. He has an incredible testimony and has gone out for hours helping the missionaries proselyte. He is one of the best examples of Celestial living I have ever met. It has been so cool to get to know him.
  We have been teaching a hilarious investigator named Anabelle that is a single mother in La Joya. She has a ton of potential and she has a member boyfriend that is helping us out a lot. She takes everything super literally and surprisingly doesn't have a christian background. According to Elder Berger that is super rare down here and it's a new experience for him. One of the funny things that happened during one of our lessons was Elder Berger was talking about how the Holy Ghost will help us feel answers to our prayers. He says "The Holy Ghost will touch your heart" using figurative speech. So she takes it literal and was like "what the crap! Don't say that! I thought you were meaning he would actually do that!" haha, so stuff like that.

Well that's pretty much it for now. Sorry if it's hard to understand, I typed it out quickly and don't have time to go back and check it. Hope you guys have a wonderful week! I am so grateful for all of you! I will try my best to get return letters out to those who wrote to me.

Love you all,

Elder Sheehy

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