Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hola Familia!!!! (pt.1)

Well it´s my first pday out and things have been pretty good. The spirit is so strong here like all the time. The food is not too bad (authentic Mexican food is delicious, but when they try to make american food most of the time it is not very good). I wish they would make Mexican food more often but i guess they figure most of the gringo white kids here wouldn't like that very much haha. Anyways, the grounds here are beautiful. Reminds me a lot of Hawaii, but a bit drier. Mexico City is way different than I was expecting. The buildings don't usually go above three stories and they are as packed together as possible. The city is crazy with constant dogs barking and horns honking and fireworks (though i´m 100% positive i heard "fireworks" that shoot off certain projectiles more than once in the distance haha). The bus ride here to the MTC was crazy. Like the driving here makes Utah´s look tame. People just go flying in front of you and honk all the time. I´m sure there are so many people side swiped every day. I love the culture here though. The building are way cool. though they are very plain, poor looking cement structures, they paint them in all kinds of bright colors so it looks way cool. There is also some way talented street graffiti paintings down the way we went to get here. My companion is way cool. His name is Elder Stone and he is from Spanish Fork Utah and he will be going to the McAllen mission as well. Plus he´s a ginger so bonus points haha. But he is way funny and we get along great. The other guys in my house are Elder Phister from Wyoming and Elder Watts from Ogden. They are awesome guys too. I´m way thankful I have great guys to be around here or else the days would be soooo long. Elder Phister is going to Houston, Texas and Elder Watts will be in Des Moines, Iowa. So of course i've already given him the lowdown on Iowa and told him dad could feed him if he´s starving haha. The sisters (Hermanas) in our district are super cool too and a few of them will be joining Elder Watts in Des Moines. Me and Elder Stone met a guy from McAllen and it was super interesting. First off he's Asian so I didn't expect that and he didn't learn any Spanish growing up there where he says its like 99% Mexican there haha. The only advice he gave us is we will get fat because people love to feed you there and its like the most dangerous place to live in the U.S. like five years running. So thanks, I guess??? Haha. Well, love you guys and hope you are having a good time in Hawaii. I would love to have some pictures sent to me ;). Spanish is really tough and the gospel words are like completely learning it over again because I never learned any of them. Me and elder Stone have taught an "investigator" (totally a member but its good practice) a few times now and they have gone hilariously bad the first couple of times because we don´t know how to respond to his questions at all or didn't understand him). I´m happy to be here but i´m so excited to actually go to Texas. Oh P.S! Michael Packham my old roommate from Utah State is here and he is serving in the Mexico City west mission so he will be leaving and moving down road a ways in a couple of weeks. It was really weird to see him here. Anyways, love you guys and stay classy :)
 -Elder Sheehy

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These are the lord's chips

                                                                                        I'm doing laundry! :)

A view of the city from the MTC, the B on the hill is for the name of the president the school used to be called before it became the MTC, I cant remember what it is.

Center courtyard between the classrooms

One of the cool green parrots that are around the grounds.

Me and Elder Stone on Pday

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