Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Semana 3

 Well happy St. Patrick´s Day Everyone!!! I totally miss having the delicious dinner we would have every year. Thankfully though, they had some way delicious verde-guac salsa today at lunch that kind of eased the pain.
  Unfortunately I don't have too much to talk about. Every day is pretty much ground hog day around here. I haven´t really felt like I've gotten much better with Spanish and it´s been tough, so I keep hoping that gift of tongues will kick in here soon haha. But it's whatever. The time here overall has been going fairly quick though and I can´t believe that i'm entering week 4 here. Today we got to go to the temple which was way cool, unfortunately we couldn't get to close to it as it is undergoing major renovations, but seeing the outside was still really cool. I love how unique it is. I also got a way sweet satchel bag from the store there. I had the opportunity this last week to give a Hermana in my district a blessing as she was really sick. It was probably the most spiritual blessing I've ever been a part of and I can tell she is going to be an amazing missionary based on the messages the spirit guided me to give. It´s really what I needed as I was having a bad day. The holy ghost has been helping me so much though to get through this. Elder Stone and I are still getting along great and having him as a companion throughout this has been a huge blessing.
  Thanks everyone who has written me so far. I really love hearing how everyone is doing. It´s too bad I couldn't respond to Wes before he left, (his great friend who enlisted in the Army on Mar. 16) but please let the Brown´s know how much I appreciated his email and that he´s in my thoughts and prayers. I have no reason to worry about him though as I know he is going to do great.

Until next time,
Stay classy y'all
-Elder Sheehy

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District selfie

Our Zone

So, there are dogs on roofs everywhere around here. this one is behind our casa 

There was a massive rain/hail storm one night during a devotional, and this is what we found in front of our casa. The water looked extra cool because it was filled with the purple blossoms from the trees. 

Weird tube things outside the grounds. Some sort of sculpture?

On our way to the temple. Elder Stone didn't cooperate.

Mexico City Temple

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