Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Semana 4

¡Hola familia!

This past week dragged and went super fast at the same time. Super strange, but that´s how it went. Again, sorry for the short letter but every day is the same. It drives me crazy, but I know it will bless and benefit me a ton out in the field.

So this week we had a district leave our zone to go out into the field :( . Elder Stone and I had gotten to be really good friends with the Elders of that district so it was a bitter sweet moment to see them go. Especially Elder Chia (the one from McAllen who always had us laughing at meals and volleyball) and Elder Johnson ( Very funny and the nicest, most humble person I have met out here). They are going on to do amazing things because they are spiritual giants.

So Sunday night we weren´t able to get any sleep because the city of Mexico was having a giant fiesta concert right outside the CCM. Plus Elder Stone and I are like ninety percent sure that we heard an m16 fire off (Sounded like .223 going off in rapid succession so it fit the description). You stay classy Mexico City haha.

One thing that we have been having fun with is what is called "spooning". Don´t worry it´s not what you think,

hahaha. It´s when you take spoons from the cafeteria and sneak them into people´s bags or most commonly into their belt loops without them noticing. It started out small and now it´s like a war going on and you have to constantly watch your back so you don´t get spooned. Elder Johnson who just left was notoriously good at it and got me numerous times. So I came up with a plan before him leaving to sneak in a ton of spoons into his checked bag with a bunch of messages written on them (some funny, some with words of encouragement). We totally pulled it off and got access to his bag without him finding out. His companion said he opened it to redistribute some weight and luckily he didn´t notice any of them. So he won´t be finding them until he opens up his bag in Washington. It was perfect haha. So I can´t wait until I get a funny email from him after he opens up that bag.

Hope everyone is doing well! Love you all so much and I cant believe that after next week i´ll be heading to Texas!

Stay classy y'all,

-Elder Sheehy

(Click on the photos to enlarge)

Our Abbey Road 

Entrance to the MTC

City Streets on our bus ride. This city goes forever.

They are super Catholic here. There are shrines to Virgin Mary along the roads all over like this one. 

One of the few temples with a unique Angel Moroni.

The Christus in the visitor center

Our District

Elder Stone and I (He's too tall. I look like a monkey hanging on him, haha)

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