Monday, August 8, 2016

Sup y'all!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to apologize on not staying on top of emailing,

In truth it's been kind of a tough last couple of weeks and not a lot has happened on the missionary front. We are just grinding away at it and thankfully things are starting to look up. I am doing well however, and I have great hope in the future.

Before I get too far, I just wanted to thank Grandma Jeri for her letters and wish my cousin Katie a very happy birthday this upcoming weekend! Tell her I owe her sushi!

I will share a short cool experience that happened this last week:

So we were out looking for the less actives in our area, since that is one of President Torres's big focuses. He has also been making a lot of great changes in the mission and building a lot of unity between the members and missionaries. I like what I am seeing. If you want to see how awesome this guy is here is a link to a mormon message he is in. It is in Spanish, but you can turn on subtitles for it:


We were out contacting these less active families and weren't having very much luck at all. No one was home or willing to answer the door. So I came across a name and address that was located very far away in our area. I felt like we should just go for it regardless. So we made the drive clear out on this dirt road filled with pot holes and came close to where the home would be located. Now the big problem down here in South Texas is that either the home doesn't have the address number on it or the home sits far enough back from the road that you can't see it. So we went up and down the road a few times trying to figure out this house. We were just about to give up on it and turn around when we picked one more house and decided to go knock it just to see, if nothing else, if they could point us in the right direction. As we made it up on the doorstep we noticed that it was the right number from a plaque that was obscured from the road. So we knocked a few times and no answer came. So I figured we would write our number and a little note to them on a pass along card since we probably wouldn't be back up there any time soon. Just as I was beginning to write on the card, Dulca opened the door and exclaimed "Oh you guys came already." We were very confused and inquired as to what she meant by that. We came to find out that a member had said that she would send over missionaries to help her move things to her mother's new home and thought that we were them. We explained to her that we had received no notice and that we were just out randomly contacting a list of less-actives and were guided there. Pretty cool how God works like that. Just goes to show that He is in every detail of our lives and in His work. We had a great conversation with her and she is super excited to get back to church after battling cancer for the last couple of years. She also has two brothers who want to be baptized so we are excited to see how they progress and see if we can't get her reactivated too!

I hope all is going well with everyone and that you all have a terrific week!

Love ya!

Stay classy,

-Elder Sheehy

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