Monday, August 15, 2016


No mass email this week, but I wanted to share a cool picture of Austin and his great friend, Zach Thometz. He has been working in New York this summer installing security systems, but was sent to McAllen, Texas for 3 weeks to do some work there. He emailed Austin and arranged to meet him for dinner. I knew nothing about this, and was just just casually scrolling through Facebook one night, and this popped up! Talk about being surprised!

Zach wrote... "Whoa, look who it is"

Austin's letter to me...

Hey Mom!

I bet you were surprised by the picture with Zach! I told him to nonchalantly post it on Facebook and see how long it took you to notice, hahaha. It was super fun to talk to him and not distracting at all. It was weird though seeing him down here. It totally seemed like it didn't happen and was just a dream.

That's sad to hear that Em has had a such a nasty recovery process on the wisdom teeth. That surgery was the worst! I'm so glad i'm done with all that. What has she been up to with all the extra time?

That is weird that Brooklyn is leaving soon. Life seems to be going quicker and quicker for me. I hope it slows down a bit when I get home. That's also cool that she will get to have that much time in the temple before she goes. That will help her out a lot.

Things are going pretty well here for me, especially now. I'll be honest that visit from Zach was a great pick-me-up for me. It's been a tough month for me, so I hope things keep looking up from here.

Love you a lot!


Elder Sheehy

(p.s Sorry i'm lame again and don't have too much to talk about. So I won't be sending out a mass email)

                                                          And a picture from a member at church :)

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