Monday, August 31, 2015

Semana 27!

So, I hit my six month mark this past week! Super crazy. Unfortunately we have been sooo busy this past week that I have literally had no time to take a minute and burn a tie and take pictures to celebrate it. So hopefully now that we are entering into a new month it will be better and I can do that. Boy it will feel so nice to have miles again on our truck so that our area can be a car area again and not have to bike every single day in this weather. It's been nuts, but I love it. Thanks to grandma Jeri for another letter! You are so wonderful to me to be constantly sending letters like that.

Well so this week has been kind of a pure grind. Just trying to help not only our investigators get ready for baptism soon, but the other companionships in the district as well. A lot of praying and fasting and putting forth our faith.  Not a whole lot to talk about other than that. It went by as a blur.

I guess an update on the Rivera family is that the son named Carlos is listening to us now and he is awesome! Super funny kid and has strong desires to follow Christ just like his older brother Eliseo who was baptized awhile back.

Probably one of the coolest stories of the week was definitely last night. So we returned home from Laredo super late and we got a call that a very cool recent convert named Enrique needed a blessing. Well we weren't going to have enough time to bike down there so we decided that we had to take the truck even though we had less than three miles left on it. So we went there and gave him a blessing and returned just as quickly as we could, but as we were heading back we were right on the line to going over on miles. I honestly thought we were definitely going to be over. So I told Elder Chacin to say a quick prayer and hope with me so we don't go over. We literally stopped in the parking lot right on the exact number we have been given to use for August. Elder Chacin and I were freaking out and were so happy. Just a cool little tender mercy miracle God gave us to remind us that he cares and knows that we were doing what we had to and used the truck for a good cause.

Sorry that I don't have much more to talk about, but I hope everyone has a great week! Love and prayers are always being sent your way, be sure that you are returning the favor and spreading that love to all those around you.

Stay Classy everyone!


Elder Sheehy

Sunset biking in El Cenizo

More pictures of the zone meeting fashion show

House in West Abundancia area

Elder Castillo hiding from the rainstorm during the three day exchange

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