Monday, August 17, 2015

Semana 25

Hello everyone!

Sorry another really short one. This is going to be a crazy week because of three day training which Elder Chacin will be going down to and I will be with another Elder Serving here for a few days. So not a lot of time to email this week.

So first off, thanks so much Grandma Jeri for the letter with pictures! I really enjoyed it.

Things are going wonderful here. Another transfer in Rio Bravo with the great Elder Chacin!!!

I am really learning more and appreciating more the atonement every day. Everyone needs it and it works in everything in our lives. It's so indescribable how much it means to me that our Savior would come here and die for us so that we have the chance to not be lost as imperfect as we are. I hope everyone uses the atonement more in their lives because that's really what it's there for.

Currently just biking hard because of all the meetings our car is out of miles for the month, but I love biking, even as hot as it is.

Love you all and thanks for all you do.


Elder Sheehy

On the road to Bravo

The man. The legend. The Venezuelan Sensation. Elder Chacin

The Eskelson. So fun to have him as a zone leader after having him as a district leader in La Joya. Super funny guy.

Rio Bravo

Old barn on the road between Rio Bravo and El Cenizo.

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