Monday, August 10, 2015

Semana 24

Hello everybody!

First, thanks so much to Grandma Jeri and the Browns for the letters. It's seriously great to hear from you.

Well not a whole lot to talk about, unfortunately. It's been a pretty ordinary week of grinding and working. Lot's of good things, but pretty typical missionary days. Things are going terrific though and I have learned so much this transfer. It has been crazy, frustrating, happy, tiring, and enjoyable all together. I think I have learned more in these last few weeks than the rest of the time in the mission combined. Transfers are tomorrow so we will see if there are any changes. I will miss Elder Chacin if we get a change since he has been such a dope companion, but that's just how it goes and there are a lot of other super cool elders out here.
I did have for the first time a super delicious mexican version of a snowcone or a hawaiian shave ice called a raspa. They are super yummy and the mango one I got had huge, super sweet pieces of fresh mango in it. Perfect for the laredo heat. Other than that just working more with Ana Rivera (Eliseos sister) and running around.
Wish I had a picture, but there is an old sister here whose husband looks like a mexican version of Uncle Si from duck dynasty. It makes me want to laugh every time I see him. He has the beard, glasses, and long hair pulled in a pony tail and everything. It's super great.

Well I hope everything is doing well and I will let you all know how transfers went next well. Love you all so much and all the support that is sent here.

Stay Classy,

Elder Sheehy

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