Monday, August 24, 2015

Semana 26

Hola y'all!

So it's been a crazy busy week with working in a different companion while Elder Chacin was down in McAllen for three day training and biking hard because our truck is out of miles for the month. It's been a lot of fun, but I sure hope this next week is a little calmer. Another crazy thing is that I am going to be hitting my six month mark tomorrow! What?!!!! That seems so unreal. I feel like I just got here still. So for this week it will mostly be pictures because i don't really know how to explain this week a better way.

Monday and Tuesday- Craziness trying to get Elder Chacin on the van to McAllen and Elder Castillo and I back to Rio Bravo since our miles are shot on our truck. It was a little nerve racking running our area by myself for a couple of days, but we ground hard and it went overall very well. It's been super hot and actually on Tuesday was hands down the most biking i've done in a day on the mission so far so my white shirts were so nasty after all the sweating, haha, thank goodness for stain remover.

Wednesday and Thursday- Moved over to work in Elder Castillo's area called West Abundancia. Really cool area in central Laredo. A lot of traffic and craziness so I was glad to go back to quiet Rio Bravo again after all that. It was a ton of fun for a couple of days though with some really good tortas (Mexican Sandwiches with carne asada on them) at a little taqueria, A really cool abandoned hospital (see pictures) and riding hard on the bikes up and down the hills. Thursday we got rain!!! I was so happy to see rain after so long. I loved it. They have a couple of streets with super nice homes on them as well which was strange to see since i've been working in very poor areas my whole mission.

Friday- Sunday- Not much to say other than back to the grind. Working hard to get some of our investigators ready for baptism.

Well I love you guys so much and all you do for me. Have a wonderful week everyone!


Elder Sheehy

Parrot wall in West Abundancia area. As you can see I was a sweaty mess as usual that day, haha

Graveyard run with Elder Castillo

This poor turtle, haha. Sweet paint job though.

Great buck! Too bad these people didn't want to talk to us :(

Missionary fashion show for zone meeting, haha. I'm looking very "derelict" but there is more in life than being really, really, excruciatingly good looking. :) 

Abandoned hospital. I felt like I was in The Walking Dead or something.

You know you're an old missionary, when you have this many planners. 

Will send more pics next week. Super slow internet sorry :(

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