Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hey everybody!

I hope everyone had a great week and a super fun Christmas time. Mine went great with a lot of love shown from all of you! So thank you to the following people:

-Brooklyn Hermansen for the card (Stay warm in your new area!)
-The Knighton Family for the card
-The Hermansen Family for the card and cash
-Steve and Kim for the card and cash (Happy birthday to the both of you too this month!)
-Grandma Lorraine for the package (love you!)
-Kyle,Brandi,and the twins Alexis and Colby for the letter
-Aunt Sherrie for the card and giftcards
-Grandma Jeri for the card and again for the packages
-The great relatives from the Stallings family that wrote me cards: Olivia, Laila, Eliana, Holland, William, Emily, Roman, and Brooklyn

Thank you so much everyone for making my last major holiday in the mission wonderful. I look forward to spending the next at home.

First bit of news is that I received notice that this will be my final area and that Elder Knutti will be leaving and coming in to be my last companion will be Elder Leatham. I'm excited to go out with a bang and finish strong. There is a lot of good that can be done here.

Some of the highlights of Christmas time this past week were going to a delicious Christmas eve dinner where the member family served us five different fillets of salmon smoked on different wood planks (soo good), looking at lights around the city in this very warm, winter-time city, and getting to wake up early on Christmas and dress up as santa for a member family to deliver presents. It was super funny at how excited they were and how sad they were when they thought I was leaving. We also were given permission as a mission to watch Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. I don't know if it's just that I haven't been able to see good movies for two years, but it seemed like that was a super good film. I enjoyed it a ton and look forward to getting to see the next one when it releases. We are also getting excited to watch Finding Dory on New Years Eve. Our mission president was super cool to have done that.

Despite all these things, I hope that everyone felt focused on the true meaning of Christmas. I think that this was my most significant Christmas in this regard on the fact that my testimony has grown significantly of the savior and His loving atonement. As well as this will be my final one spent in the full service of Him whom I was called to represent. It has been such an honor and privilege to have been His hands in lifting others and being able to completely focus on Him and others. It will be fun getting to leave the rest I have on the table during these final six weeks.

Thank you so much again everyone and have a happy new year!


Elder Sheehy

This is what Christmas looks like on the Gulf

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