Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is staying warm wherever they are at and that they are enjoying this terrific holiday season. I love how the world seems to stop at least a little and remember the Savior Jesus Christ. It's been a blast being able to serve as a missionary during this time.

Before I get into the previous week I wanted to express my gratitude to all those who have sent me cards, letters, and/or packages. I am so grateful to have so much love and support out here even when there is so little time left for me as a missionary and it would be easy to forget.

Thank you so much to:

-Grandma Jeri for the wonderful packages and card you sent. The whole apartment has been very appreciative of that and you've made this Christmas better than ever.

-Richard and Eilene Stallings for the great family card.

-Aunt Sherrie for the card with the generous gift cards.

-Aunt Bertha for the card. It's always great to hear that you are doing well.

-and the fam for the package and card. I look forward to opening them soon :)

I don't have a lot of time to write, but I will say this past week has been crazy. We woke up on Thursday with the news that due to a chemical leaking out of the nearby oil refineries, none of the water in Corpus was safe, haha. So we tried to run over to the store to grab some extra water and the line was clear out the door just to grab water, not even purchase it. So luckily we had a good amount already and we had some great members help us out. Over the next couple of days we had to have the South American mission experience of bathing with water from gallon bottles. It was super cold!
Luckily they got it all cleaned out by Sunday so we are back to normal.

Things have been surprisingly cold around here with the windchill and humidity dipping temperatures into the thirties. I know it's no Minnesota (shout out to Brooklyn Hermansen. Hang in there!), but it cuts through the layers we have on, on the bikes pretty good. I wasn't expecting cold like this. We are crossing our fingers that we will be able to see the first snow storm here since 2004. That would be super cool.

Other than that we have just been doing as missionaries do and grinding away, trying to find some receptive people. Corpus is tough, but it's been a fun challenge.

I look forward to talking to the family here next week and hope the everyone has a very merry Christmas. Be sure to keep your eyes open to opportunities to help others out. This is a great time of year to reach out a helping hand to those around us.

Love you guys and hope you have a great week!


Elder Sheehy

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