Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy St. Paddy's

No General email this week, here is his response to me....

Hey Mom, hope you are having a fun week. I had a kind of stressful one with all the changes going on around here, but it ended up really good. I love my new companion Elder McIntosh a lot. He is a great guy from northern Wyoming. I will have to get some video of him singing and playing guitar sometime because he is really amazing. So that's great to have around the apartment all the time, haha.

Sounds like you have been having a good week. Those talks sound great. (in our Sacrament mtg, preparing us for the Provo City Center temple dedication) I have enjoyed looking at pictures and the progression of the city center temple on every week. It looks super pretty. It's amazing how well they did with all of it.

Like Denise Sabin talked about, I know how it feels out here when you don't feel like you are contributing. However when you take a step back and look at the big picture and the little things you do in people's lives I know that it really is doing good things.

I miss temples so much. I really wish president Maluenda would let us go, but I understand why not. It's a pretty far drive. That is nuts that the closure of the Jordan River temple has made it so crowded. I would wait a very long time to go to a temple out here though. It's definitely built my appreciation of them too.

I've heard some really cool things about Al Fox. I would love to hear her speak sometime too. (I went to a fireside that she spoke at)

Glad to hear that La Costa is still so good. I look forward to eating there again. Yes I get Mexican food all the time, but the food is pretty different back home. So I still look forward to it again.

I will keep a look out for that new Elder in July. There is a ton of Elders going home and coming in then. It will be interesting as that is around the same time as the new mission president comes in.

Spanish is tough, but it's really cool to realize that I understand it now and can speak it. The other day at a members home there was a Spanish t.v channel in the other room and I was listening to it not really paying attention and thinking "I can't understand that" all of the sudden I remembered. Oh duh, yes I can haha. Then I focused on the words and I understood all they were saying. It's super strange to realize that every once and awhile.

Well have a great week! I probably won't have time to send a mass email this week. Just know that I am doing great!

Love you so much!


Elder Sheehy

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