Monday, February 8, 2016


Hey everyone!

Sorry that I haven't been the best on keeping up on mass emails. Things are busy, but no excuses. I hope that everyone had as good of a week as I did. First off, Go Broncos! Secondly, thanks to Grandma Jeri and the Calls for the letters! Wow that Christmas letter came late from the Calls, but thank you so much none the less.

So the reason that made this week so great was the awesome Elders in my district. Elders Stanley, Dominguez, Newman, Mason, Christensen, and I have a great time. A lot of comedic talent in this group and we are always constantly laughing. The work is going well too. It's been a little tough since all of our investigators either dropped or moved out of our area. So we are in the finding stage right now, but we put in a lot of hard work this past week and I feel very good about some of the prospective investigators we have dug up.

Wednesday- I got to go on an exchange up in Edinburgh with a great friend on the mission Elder Ault. He came in during the same time as me and though we have always been away from each other, strangely as I found out we have practically had the same mission with the same successes and challenges. It was great to catch up with him and sharing our passion and stories of hunting and the outdoors. While up there we served one of the members by helping her set up a new beginnings event for the Young Womens. So us outdoorsy guys got our arts and crafts on and helped decorate cookies and the relief society room. Sorry no pictures haha.

Friday- Had fun with Elder Newman on an exchange to go play volleyball with some of their investigators. He serves in a Spanish area and I don't know why, but playing a sport is way more fun when you have to communicate in another language for me.

Saturday- The best day of the week. Had a lot of success with lessons and great times with the other missionaries in our district. The beginning of the day I continued the exchange with Elder Newman and went to eat at one of his members home. They served us some delicious tortas (mexican sandwiches) filled with carne asada. The father of this family looks alot like a younger version of President Maluenda. So whenever we see him at church we crack jokes and pretend to fix our ties and shoes. They are a great family. Later after another dinner Elders Christensen, Dominguez, Stanley and I got in a big cupcake fight. It was super fun, but poor Elder Stanley's camera was lost in the battle as it was flung across our apartment accidentally. I have never seen someone laugh so uncontrollably as Elder Stanley did after this happened. The funniest thing of the night by far was when Elder Christensen was leaving a voicemail for one of our recent converts. Instead of saying goodbye he ends it with "... and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.." and then just trails off as he realizes what he just said. It was so funny. You know you've been on your mission too long when things like that happen.

Sunday- So crazy sacrament meeting that you don't usually have. So we are making the usual rounds of greeting all the members of the church when all of the sudden President Maluenda walks in and goes up to sit in the front of the congregation. So we are thinking "woah. that's strange." Already because he doesn't usually ever visit other wards. But get this, then in walks David Archuleta with his friend in our ward that is getting his baby blessed. So this baby has David Archuleta and President Maluenda in the priesthood circle. This kid is going to be a prodigy or something. So I got to meet David Archuleta yesterday. We got to speak after priesthood meeting and he is a pretty cool guy. Kind of socially awkward, but very humble. I would have gotten a picture with him, but he told everyone that he doesn't take pictures on Sunday because that day is not about him (Mad props for that). You can check out Sister Maluendas Facebook though to see a picture of him with their family. What a bizarre Sunday. We were expecting some apostle or president Monson to walk in next.

Well that's all for now. Hope that you all have a wonderful week. The church is absolutely true and I can testify that the savior will carry you through your trials if you just give him a little showing of faith. The power of the atonement is inexpressibly powerful. You guys rock!

Stay Classy,

Elder Sheehy

Post cupcake battle selfie. Courtesy of the Donna Diva District

South Texas house design, hahaha
What is wrong with this picture?

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