Monday, February 15, 2016

Chillin with the fellas

Happy late Valentines day everyone! I hope that everyone was able to have a great day with the ones they love. It was a little different as a missionary (for obvious reasons) but I think we still were able to show a strong love for those we serve and help point them in the direction where they will be able to live again with He who first loved us.

As always, thanks so much to the fam and grandma Jeri for the valentines letters. It always brightens up the night when either Elder Christensen or I have something waiting for us in the mailbox besides the loads of junk mail that for some reason comes to us haha.

So this week was stellar. Probably the most enjoyable, happy week of my mission. While Elder Christensen was gone for three day training I got to spend those days with the other companionships in our district. We had a blast and I feel that I have gained a lot more love and appreciation for them and their abilities. We really have an awesome group of missionaries here in the Donna district.


As a zone for our P-day activity we had a little mission spa that we set up. We had mood lighting, candles, and mud masks with the cucumbers to just kick back and relax a little from the normal go,go,go of the mission. It was awesome and super funny to see all the macho Elders chillin with mud masks. Later that evening I spent time with an Elder (Duerst) from the Harlingen zone that came to our apartment for three day training while Christensen had to go with another Elder to interview someone for baptism. We had one of the coolest, specific-prayer miracles of my mission with our members Sister Valdez and her son Isaiah. While out contacting in some apartments in our area, Elder Duerst felt inspired to stop and say a prayer to find someone to teach. We had Isaiah say a prayer asking for guidance to find a very prepared family at the next door we knocked. Right after saying the prayer we heard a fire alarm going off in one of the nearby buildings and Sister Valdez and I smelt laundry detergent from someone washing clothes. Following the sound and smells we came across a cool girl named Desiree that took us to her family in an apartment that was the source of the fire alarm going off (from her mom cooking food that she forgot about in the oven) and when we entered her mom was busy doing laundry. It was so cool how the holy ghost led us exactly to this family. The power of specific prayers are real. This is just one of many examples I have seen in the mission. The Hernandez's are now one of our most solid investigator families who all seek baptism as a goal and I am so excited looking forward to seeing how they progress.

Tuesday & Wednesday-

Moved over to the apartment with the other two companionships in our district. I spent the first day with the Olivarez companionship (Newman and Mason). I had a great time cracking jokes with them and working hard in a spanish area again. Also loved the great food offered by their members. I missed the mexican cooking. The next day was spent with the Donna Elders (Stanley and Dominguez) Great guys that work in the other half of our ward. Highlight of the day was them was taking selfies with random goats tied up around a canal.

The rest of the week was spent at the valentines ward party, and topped off with a real fireside with the district last night in the backyard of Bishop Jess. Sorry to cut it short but running out of time.

Love you all so much!

Have a great week!

Stay classy,

Elder Sheehy

p.s. I'll send pictures next week!

Some pictures a senior Sister missionary sent me of their facials:

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