Monday, January 25, 2016

Baptisms and a new transfer!

Hey everyone!

I hope that this week went well for everyone. Mine was super great. It was truly a week of miracles and seeing all the efforts of the previous weeks pay off. As always, thanks so much to grandma Jeri for the letter. It's always a big boost to see a letter in the mail box on a weekly basis.

Also, today is transfers and we got it sooner that usual. The only news I have is that I will be staying another here with Elder Christensen. I am very glad to be able to spend another with him. We have a lot of fun together and he has been awesome to work with. The one new thing though is that he got called as a district leader. Very cool for him and very well deserved. So now I will be helping him with the district where I can. It will be fun to be doing that again like when I was in Alamo and Rio Bravo.

So this week was filled with exchanges. It was a little hectic, but I learned a lot I believe as I was running our area for a few days while Elder Christensen was working in the other areas. We found some great people like on Tuesday with Elder Messinger. We were out biking all over our area for anyone to talk to as the last week it seems that everyone was away when we tried to go by. It was the last referral of the night that we had time to go by and it turns out that the couple living there was super cool. It's the first time ever that I have been asked by someone to share my testimony of the church. It is always the other way around where I just tell them whether they like it or not haha. Also before leaving the husband drives up and before talking to us at all immediately asks when we can go back to sit down with his family and teach them. Super prepared people. It's a very interesting and true cliche that truly it's always the last house you knock that you find the prepared people.

The greatest miracle of the week was obtaining permission from the mother of our investigators Julian and Mauricio to be baptized and watching them enter that covenant along with our other investigator Randy yesterday. It's been so amazing to see the fruits of our hard work to have finally payed off and see our very good friends become members of the church. Especially Randy who has come so extremely far beating some hard addictions and changing his life over to the savior. I know that truly the atonement is for everyone and it doesn't matter how far we have strayed, we can always come back on the path that leads to eternal happiness.

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week.

-Elder Sheehy

(Left to right)Julian, Mauricio, and Randy being baptized by Elder Christensen, Elder Jensen, and Elder McFall

Weslaco Elders

A member posted this one on Facebook of these two visiting for dinner :)

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