Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Back In the Saddle Again

Hey everyone!

I hope you had a great week and enjoyed your MLK day. I hope that you were able to do something fun and remember the great examples of people like Martin Luther King Jr. in their efforts to improve the lives of others. There are so many great examples around us in our history books and in our communities of Christ-like service that we can learn a lot from.

This week has been very good. We are seeing a lot of progress with investigators and should be having at least one baptism this upcoming Sunday. This past week has also been filled with lots of exchanges as well so their has been a lot of good experiences and things I was able to learn from other missionaries. I am currently working with Elder Messinger from St. George who is a cool guy that works in an area nearby.

Monday-Tuesday Went on an exchange over in Edinburgh with a missionary named Elder Penman from Henderson, Nevada. A very good guy that was trained by Elder Chacin. We had a great time talking about our love for hunting and the great experiences we got to have with Elder Chacin when he was here in the mission. A definite highlight was taking a couple of minutes and taking some sunset-selfies next to a little reservoir in their area. It was a beautiful evening.

Thursday: Had a great Chicken Divan dinner on an exchange with Elder Newman over at the Jess family (Bishop of the ward i'm serving in). I had a very fun conversation with Bishop Jess about all his hunting adventures while living in Alaska chasing moose and bears and his love for deer. It was cool learning more about his job managing a refuge here and his desires to manage some ground up in Montana for deer hunting. We have a ton in common.

Friday: So super funny story. Elder Christensen and I were leaving a meal appointment at a great senior missionaries home in our area and Elder Christensen and I were in deep conversation about something. He continues peddling forward on his bike while turning backwards to speak with me. Up ahead there is a truck stopped at a stop sign, which I assumed Elder Christensen was aware of as we had been following it for some time. At the last moment I realize that he is completely unaware of it so I shout "Woah! Elder !" Unfortunately he only had enough time to turn around and face plant into the tailgate and make a loud smack with his hand. Luckily, he wasn't going very fast and didn't hurt anything at all, but his pride a bit. The truck driver however was very concerned at gets out of his truck looking very worried and shouts to Christensen "Esta bien mijo?!" (Are you okay son?) Elder Christensen then very embarrassed replies "Si, estoy bien. No se preocupe" (yes, I am good. Don't worry about it), then peddles off. The other funny thing as that while all this was happening Elder McFall and Dominguez who were joining us at the meal appointment were behind us in there car and saw the whole thing. I was dying of laughter all the way back to the apartment.

Other than being a bit busy, it's been a very memorable week. I hope you all have a great week and always remember to give our Father in heaven thanks for all the great experiences we get to have here in this mortal life. Even the difficult times are when we should give the most thanks, as it is during those times that we move closer to our potential.

Have a wonderful week!


Elder Sheehy

Sunset selfie with Elder Penman

A ton of donut holes a member gave us from his shop here in Weslaco. It's a good thing we have a bunch of Elders coming over to our apartment to help out with these.

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