Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

I hope everyone has a super fun night. Be sure to stay safe from all the crazies out there!

Well I apologize for not being more consistent with these group emails. I am planning on being much better at it from here on out.

Well I've just been informed by my sister that I only have 100 days left! That's a crazy/scary thought for me. I love it here and feel like there is still so much left I need to do and learn. I hope I can get as much done as I can before I head back.

So these last couple of weeks have been really good, despite some trials. I have been struggling with some stomach issues where basically everything I eat makes me sick, but it seems to be getting better little by little every day. I am blessed to be getting good eating habits from it though as I now watch my portions and stick to really light things like grilled chicken, soups, and salads.

We have a super golden investigator named Juan who seriously is the most converted person I have ever taught. The rest of his family was baptized a year ago, but he has been having to wait because of probation. I want nothing more than to see him join his family in baptism and go to the temple someday. He is the rock of his family and the main force that gets his family to church every week. He still has probation for awhile, but based on our prayers and thoughts from Elder Peake, our district leader Elder Gonzalez, and I, we are quite confident that from his upcoming interview with our mission president that he will be approved to go ahead and be baptized. So please keep him in your prayers!

We have been having a lot of Halloween fun the past week. Saturday was our trunk or treat combined with the three units here. It was very well attended and very fun. Elder Peake and I dressed up and enjoyed the food and seeing the kids walk around and get candy. We also had Juan there too with his family, which is so great to see how integrated he is into the branch now.

Last night we went over to a super cool member named Cindy who made a Halloween party/dinner for a bunch of the missionaries. The food was super good and they had made some cool Halloween themed cupcakes with gummy worms and stuff. Elder Stone my MTC companion was there too since he is now my Zone leader. It's been great to catch up on how his mission has been going so far. I'm glad that this Halloween is much better than my last.

Well we are off to a combined Zone Halloween party, but i'll send a few pictures before.

Love y'all and hope you have a great Halloween and week!

Stay classy,

Elder Sheehy

At the Trunk or Treat Our costumes with Cindy;s daughter.
(I had no idea what he was, and he told me it was a character from the video game Assassins Creed ?)

Elder Stone and I rockin' the onesies. I am super glad that he's my zone leader. I haven't really seen him since we were companions in the MTC.

My favorite costume of our missionary Halloween party lol. (Elder Peake as a Pokemon trainer off to the side)

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