Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!

Austin didn't write at all last week. He said their car was getting worked on and they didn't have a ride to the library. Then this week it was a day late because of Memorial Day, and he ran out of time and didn't write a mass email. :(  
(We are definitely spoiled by getting to hear from missionaries every single week these days. My mom continually reminds me that when my brother, Steve, went on his mission to Chile a million years ago, ;) they had to wait for snail mail for weeks or months between letters) 
He did write me a short response to some of the things I had asked him about, but not any details about what's been going on. I guess I should be thankful that he is keeping so busy. He did write this in response to me talking about the 29th being Tyler's birthday and going to decorate his, Tara's and Grandpa Don's graves...

I think about them a lot out here on the mission and I know I have felt them close by me many days here. My testimony of the plan of salvation has been made super strong here from those little experiences. I miss them too, but I feel very comfortable and positive that they are doing great and are busy at work in the spirit world helping others and helping us in more ways than we ever notice.

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