Monday, October 5, 2015

Semana 32

Austin didn't send a general email this week,  I'm not sure why? But I decided to post the one he sent to me. :) 

Hey Mom!

Conference was wonderful. It was exactly what I needed. That's awesome to hear that you are re-watching the talks. I find that to be true as well that we always get more out of gospel studies when we show God our diligence in rereading. I loved the talks about the importance of women as well. I'm not going to lie, all of us elders watching that missed our moms for a little bit, but it was good, haha. I really do appreciate all you have done for me though, and all the incredible good influence you have put on my life.
I totally forgot that was Wes's mission president! (Devin Durrant, who spoke about "Ponderizing") That's super cool. I really liked his talk a lot. Yeah, president Monson did look very weak and seemed to get more tired the longer he stood up there and talked. I hope we have him around for awhile longer, but it's hard to say with all these changes in church leadership. Seems like God is calling a lot of them to positions in the spirit world right now.

I watched conference at the "Hillside chapel" up in northern Laredo which was fun and got to spend some time with Elder Olsen who lived in the same apartment with me in La Joya.  I think my favorite talks were President Uchtdorfs about re-simplifying when things seem overwhelming and Dallin H. Oaks talk on the atonement.  Elder Hollands was powerful as usual as well as Nelsons. It's hard for me to choose favorites. I also really loved Bednar's talk on the leaders of the church and the powerful final testimonies that the apostles and president Hinckley gave.

I miss rain so much! haha It seriously is so wonderful when we get rained on here. Our yard and the mountains look so pretty in that picture you sent.

Did you love that concert? I bet it was great. I love Def Leppard live a lot and would love to see Styx sometime.

Glad to hear you had a fun time with Kyle's family, grandma, and the rest. I miss the little twins sometimes and not seeing them before they grow up, but we will do something fun when I return.

I love the Nordfelts too! I think back at how much brother Nordfelt helped prepare me to go on a mission. Tell them all hi for me.

Haha, hard to explain more of what I am experiencing. Every day is pretty much a typical missionary day. Not a lot of new details as well because my area of Rio Bravo is so small that i've just about said all there is to say about it. Especially being here since July. I do love it a lot though.

I asked him what his biggest achievements and biggest challenges were this past week:
Probably biggest achievement was meeting a lot of prepared people and setting a lot of baptismal dates with them because Elder Chacin worked super hard and stayed connected to our daily goals. God blesses us always as we focus like that and it's cool to see the little miracles he gives us to place those prepared people in our path.

Biggest challenge was dealing with a stomach bug for the last couple of weeks that won't go away and having my ears gummed up that i need to go get cleaned out, haha. It's fun trying to understand a language that is already foreign, but when you're half deaf it is even more fun trying to communicate. It's all good though.

Love you so much and have a wonderful week,

Elder Sheehy

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