Monday, June 15, 2015

Semana 16

Hello everyone! Hope that everyone had a great week this past one. Mine was very good overall. First off, thanks so much for the letters Grandmas. You spoil me! I am so grateful for all that you do.

So last Monday after writing y'all we had a fun zone P-day activity of playing soccer at a place in pueblo de palmas called "the conch". So basically it is an unfinished building that someone converted into a semi indoor soccer field. It was a blast to play with so many other missionaries, but boy was it hot! I am glad we had brought a lot of water or it would have been pretty dangerous as warm as it was. We also borrowed a grill from a member and grilled up some carne asada and had some tacos. It was a great P-day. Later that evening we were told that Elder Berger and I would be hosting a mini missionary for the week who we would take out and show what mission life is all about. It's something really cool that the stakes down here do occasionally for the young adults who are just about to be old enough to go on a mission. We were assigned Adrian Navarro who is the son of the amazing cook, Sister Navarro, in our area. I love their family to death and I was so glad that we got him. Right away he got to witness us give another member a blessing who was in the hospital, and a very spiritual lesson with a less active, so I think we started the week out great.

On Tuesday Adrian and the sisters's mini missionaries decided to take us all out to lunch which was really cool and it was fun to talk to them about going on their missions soon. It's crazy because I feel like I was in their shoes just a week ago. We also got to go over to Alexis's house to help his family build some things in his backyard. His mom is like an extreme decorator/home designer so I think it will turn out really cool when they get everything finished that she wants to do. They also made us some delicious fresh made pineapple juice to cool off. Our members are great here.

Wednesday we did a lot of less active work with Adrian up in Sullivan City. The highlight for sure was driving past Brother Lopez's little farm to see him out there in the middle of the heat of the day picking giant watermelons that he had planted. We of course stopped immediately and gave that little old guy a hand! He is definitely my favorite member here. I can't believe how hard that man works at his old age and how incredible his testimony is. He tells us his conversion story almost every time we are with him, and I could never get tired of it. He is a boss. Despite our protests he gave us his largest watermelon for helping him out and this thing was huge. We had to of course take it, and I was very glad we did by how happy it made him. He lives to serve and give to others. Later that evening after helping teach the English class at the church, we helped the young women make some plates for all the men in the ward for fathers day that had words in Spanish and pictures that described them. I was honored to have the opportunity to make Brother Lopez's plate with Adrian. It turned out great and I of course had to put a design of corn around the border and a big watermelon in the middle because of his little farm.

On Thursday Adrian made all of us elders in the apartment some delicious chicken alfredo for lunch. The Navarro family is so giving and their son is no different. He did so much for us including some french toast the following morning.

Friday afternoon the Mini mission ended and it was sad to have Adrian not with us anymore. He has a natural teaching ability and love for the people. He is going to be an amazing missionary and I feel that he had a really good time with us. Especially by his testimony and experiences he shared at the closing fireside. I hope I get this opportunity again sometime in the mission because it was a blast. Friday night we had a big carne BBQ at one of the members in the Elders area. Had some fun playing catch with a softball there and picking and tossing limes from their tree over to the grill to be squeezed onto the cooking chicken. They also had the cutest little puppies that I played with for a bit.

Well that's about it for now. I've truly felt my testimony grow little by little every day out here and I absolutely know without a doubt that this is our father in heaven's work. There are just way too many prayers answered and miracles happening every day. I am so grateful that he would trust a bunch of us dumb twenty year olds with the most important thing here on this earth. It's truly humbling to be a part of that and see people's lives change through the influence of the holy ghost. I hope you all continue to build your testimony every day and think back about some of the great experiences in your lives in the gospel that built you to who you are today. Have a wonderful week.

Stay classy
Elder Sheehy

We had to tell him today that his beloved dog, Boo, had passed away last week. I had been so worried about that, because he adored her, and I didn't want to distract him from his work, Here is part of what he wrote to me in response:

"Hey mom thanks for telling me about Boo. It was a bit of a shock at first, but I feel very calm and peaceful about it now. I know as well that she is in a better place. I know that Tara and Tyler will take great care of her. ♥
So don't worry about me."

The Conch

The boys are grillin'

A grill we found out contacting. That's grillin 'Murica style.

You can't handle the cute.

Adrian and I with the plate we made for Brother Lopez.

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