Monday, July 27, 2015

Semana 22? I think

Let me just say first, two weeks is way too long to go without hearing from him. Fortunately he explains why he didn't write last week...

Hey Everyone!

Well everyone, first off sorry that i didn't get to email last week. I was sick with a fever for a couple of days and was told to stay in the apartment. Luckily I am doing well now and things have been going very well for me.

Secondly, Thanks so much to everyone who sent me birthday wishes and things. Big shout out to: Mom, Dad, and Em for the package and letter with giftcards and the sweet Chicago Blackhawks T- shirt. Super cool to hear they won the cup again! Aunt Sherrie for the planner and card, Aunt Bertha for the card, The great letter from the Hermansens, The card and package with yummy trader Joes stuff from Grandma Lorraine, and Grandma Jeri for the package and card with more socks, (seriously these things are like gold in the mission), macadamia nuts, that cool waterbottle, and more cologne and hair stuff. You guys spoil me so much. I am truly blessed and will have to take you all out to dinner or something to repay all of you. Especially thank you for anyone that sent giftcards or cash. That goes a long way in not only helping me out, but other missionaries that don't have as much to buy things that they need. It was seriously an awesome birthday.

I guess I will recap the highlights of the last two weeks, not a whole lot with being sick in the apartment but here we go:

7/14-  My birthday was great. With all the packages and cards everyone so generously sent me and the cake and ice cream the zone gave me, everything was awesome. Birthdays on the mission are exactly how they should be though. Not a lot of time to think of myself and paying forward the love others show me to the people I work with.
The work after zone meeting went really well. We set a baptismal date with a super promising, humble younger woman, as well as gave two blessings. I have learned to appreciate and love the priesthood more and more every day out here. It truly changes lives and it is a huge honor to hold that responsibility. The highlight was definitely helping give blessings to two people that are struggling right now. Those were probably the best birthday gifts I received that day.

7/15- This day we learned about the crazy history of El Cenizo and Rio Bravo from a former drug trafficker haha. Man it sounds like this place used to be super scary, but according to him it's slown down a lot with all the work in the oil fields opening up. The guy is an incredibly great guy now that turned to christianity and started a family and turned his life around. We haven't had much time to teach his family yet because they are gone a lot, but they are so wonderful and very open to hearing the gospel.

7/16- A great day of interviews with President. That man is incredible and so in tune with the spirit. He helped give me some great advice and really put me back on track to being the absolute best missionary I can be. I won't lie this past month has been a little bit of a struggle with lots of little trials, but I have kept a good attitude and President Maluenda helped me so much with what he told me.

7/17- Unfortunately didn't have my camera on me, but during an interview at the church for one of the sister's investigators we found the biggest nastiest spider in the church. Not sure what kind it was but I swear it could have been a baby from Shelob the spider on Lord of the Rings. It was super sketchy trying to kill it and get it out of the church because of how big and fast it was.
We also met an incredibley humble, prepared woman named Claudia. She has such huge desires and has battled head tumors many times. In fact the doctors are giving here two more years to live right now. We had a great plan of salvation lesson with her and taught her about how life doesn't end at death. We bore our testimony of how the gospel can bless not only her, but her children so they can grow up to be strong fathers and mothers in Christ's church. The challenge is going to be getting her husband to open up as he isn't a huge fan of us. We will for sure do everything in our power to help her recieve the gospel and ultimately baptism if she continues, regardless.

7/19- 7/23 - Felt very sick during church and felt a fever coming on, went home and had to stay in the apartment according to the Mission nurse's orders. Not super fun, but I kept a good attitude and studied scriptures when I was able.

7/24 - Went to a mission call opening for a member's son here. He got called to Washington (can't remember the city name) Spanish speaking reporting to Provo in a month which is super cool. Man it feels just like yesterday that I was opening my call so it was a strange experience.

7/25- We had a branch pioneer day activity where we ate food and watched 17 Miracles. Wow that movie is good. A real tear-jerker but such a strong spirit you can feel when you watch it. I love and so deeply appreciate the pioneers who sacrificed so much so that we can have the gospel so strongly around the world now. We really have no room to complain during our tough times after watching that. Recommend it to everyone that hasn't seen it.

Well, I love you all so much. Thanks to everyone for all the love and support. As always, you are constantly in my prayers. The mission is amazing and I am learning so many life lessons out here every day. I know without a doubt that this church is true and that God is involved in the smallest details of this work. I hope everyone doesn't take this amazing gospel for granted. So many have suffered and died that we could have it too. Please continue to read, or rediscover the Book of Mormon. It is such a huge blessing and has so many answers to questions and prayers.

Stay classy y'all,

Elder Sheehy

Elder Chacin and I in front of the church we meet at. (such an awesome companion)

Thanks so much everyone. I am way spoiled and very blessed.

Just a typical Rio Bravo house.

The friendliest pitbull in south Texas. I love this dog so much. I wish I could take it and many other of the dogs here home. 

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