Monday, July 13, 2015

Semana 20

Well it's been a great week!

First off thanks so much to all the birthday wishes and letters/packages that have been sent. I really appreciate all that you do for me and I really am spoiled, haha. So far I have gotten a letter from Grandma Jeri (actually 2, as one that was sent to Mexico City finally got to me which was funny), and a letter from Mom and Dad. I will let everyone know what got here safe and sound.
He said he should be getting a delivery from the mission home tomorrow of anything that was sent there. I have been worried about if he will have a good birthday, he made me feel better today when he said, "I know I will be having a great birthday, no matter where or what I'm doing." :)
Things are going great here and I love my area. It's definitely a little piece of Mexico.

Tuesday- Had a fun district meeting where Elder Chacin did an object lesson of having a vision in the mission and "building up" our areas. So to illustrate that we made little graham cracker and nutella walls with our "Samuel the Mallonite" on top and saw who made the best tower by chucking marshmallows at them. It was a lot of fun and really tasty.

Wednesday was super windy and we were on bikes so it was kind of funny trying to peddle up and down the hills of El Cenizo.

Saturday as a zone we played some soccer in the morning for daily exercise and it was a ton of fun. There are a lot of Elders here who are really good at soccer so it was really competitive. It was also a very busy bike day with a lot of grinding. It felt good to go to sleep that night and that is the best feeling in the world as a missionary. You know you did good when you feel like that. We were actually going so hard that we didn't have the opportunity to stop and eat. So we came home starving and a tender mercy of the lord was a call from one of our investigators that randomly wanted to drop by a bunch of hotdogs mexicanos that were super good. I can absolutely testify of the scripture that says "take no thought of what you will eat". Our Heavenly Father definitely takes care of us missionaries. This work is absolutely true. I see those kinds of things on a daily basis.

Love you all so much and hope that everyone has a wonderful week. Thanks again for all you do.

-Elder Sheehy

A funny side note...
A friend from our ward was traveling to Laredo today for his work, He sent me this text when he landed, "Stacie, I am sure Austin has lots of people to teach, I think my plane dropped me off on the wrong side of the border. I'm the only white guy in Laredo." :)

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